Stove Output Calculator

As well as the making sure your new stove will physically fit into its new home, it is important to consider that the stove’s output is sufficient for the room.

You should also ensure that it is not too large for the room, as this can cause just as many problems as a stove that is too small.A stove that is too small for the room will not be powerful enough to heat the room adequately, on the other hand, if you have a stove that is too large it will need constant attention to keep the temperature down. A result of this is the combustion within the stove will not be complete and you will quickly have a build up of soot not just on the glass, but up the chimney as well.

With this in mind, when calculating the required output, a slightly greater output should be considered (no more than 1kW), as there will be a greater need for rapid heating in the long dark cold months of winter.

As a rough guide, measure the Height, Length and Width of the room and input them into the calculator below. Then click on whether you measured in feet or metres to get your stove output.

Stove Output Calculator





We always recommend that you consult a registered HETAS installer, as other factors should be considered. Such as insulation of the room, windows, patio doors Etc.