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How to style a woodburning stove

Fireplaces come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Traditional wood burners are continuing to be a popular heating choice for the home so it is important that they fit in with our interior décor schemes. Not only do they provide warmth, but they make a great feature all year round. We’ve teamed up with Arada Stoves to offer their top tips on how to style your stove at home. Read More


New Stoves from January 2022

From January 2022 onwards Ecodesign stoves will become the new standard of woodburning stoves. It will be illegal to manufacture and sell new stoves after 1st January 2022 that do not comply with the Ecodesign requirements.

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Ban on Woodburning Stoves

Ban On Woodburning Stoves - the facts

in recent years there has been alot of negative press about woodburning stoves. Woodburning Stoves are not going to be Banned but a New Generation of Ecodesign Ready Stoves will Reduce Pollution and only Good Qualitiy Dry Wood will be allowed to be burnt. Banning the main culprit of pollution Wet Wood and High Sulphur House coal. 

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Useful info for Stovax Stove owners

Useful information for Stovax Stove Owners

Useful links and information for Stovax Stove owners including information on spare parts, Videos for Stove Maintenance and Fault Checking

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