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The Everhot is an exceptional range cooker and a gentle background source of heat in the kitchen

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The Everhot cooker is designed to remain switched on. The Everhot will provide controllable cooking and background warmth to suit the time of year. The cooker radiates gentle heat through the kitchen, with ovens that bake, roast and cook to perfection.

Run from electricity, the Everhot ranges are exceptionally efficient and can be powered by both the national grid or by small scale solar, wind or hydro installations.  The minimum trickle feed design allows the Everhot to run from 13amp plugs, minimising electrical load and easing installation.

Everhot Cooker Colours 

Each model is available in enamel colour options and you'll find the perfect colour to complement your kitchen.   But, whatever colour you choose, the Everhot is guaranteed to take on the starring role in your kitchen.

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Beautiful Hand Crafted Cookers, manufactured in Gloucestershire

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