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Contemporary Stoves

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  • ACR Elmdale Stove

    ACR Elmdale Stove from ACR Cast Iron Inglenook Stove range. ACR Elmdale Stove features a high canopy made of steel and a cast iron firebox allowing a 450mm log length. The ACR Elmdale Stove is a dedicated woodburner with a 9kw heat output to room and Defra approved for smoke controlled areas. 

    ACR Elmdale Stoves features

    • Cast iron firebox with steel canopy
    • Defra Approved
    • 9kw nominal heat output
    • Dedicated wood burner
    • Easy to use air control system
    • Airwash 
    • Matt Black stove paint
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  • ACR Neo 3P Stove

    ACR Neo 3P Stove from ACR Neo Contemporary Stove range. ACR Neo 3P Stove with pedestal stand and side viewing glass is a 5kw multi-fuel stoves. The ACR Neo 3P is ideal for fitting in an open plan situation between two rooms with its extra views of the flames. 

    The ACR Neo range is Defra approved for installing in smoke exempt areas. 

    ACR Neo 3P Stove main features

    • High quality steel construction with cast iron door
    • Powerful air-wash system for clean glass
    • Brushed steel handle
    • Ashpan mechanism discreetly concealed behind a door with slide out drawer
    • Ashpan lid to minimise dirt escaping
    • Simple air control dial for precise operation
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  • ACR Novus Stove

    ACR Novus Stove is 5kw contemporary multi-fuel stove from ACR Contemporary range. The ACR Novus features a ultra modern glass front and glossblack ceramic top panel.  

    The ACR Novus is suitable for burning both wood and smokeless fuels in Defra Approved areas. 

    ACR Novus Stove features

    • Steel construction with glass door and ceramic top plate
    • Smoke Exempt
    • Multi-fuel suitable for wood and smokeless fuels
    • 5kw nominal heat output
    • 150mm flue collar
    • Lined firebox
    • Powerful airwash 
    • Matt Black 
    • Brushed steel handle
    • Suitable for 12mm hearth 
    • Single air control slider
    • Optional external air kit (100mm spigot)
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  • AGA Dorrington Stove

    AGA Dorrington Stove is an exceptional wood burning stove that will bring a touch of class to any space.  The Dorrington has a high efficiency at 80.4% with a 5.9kw heat output which is ideal for heating medium to large living rooms.

    Dorrington – Contemporary Woodburner

    The Dorrington features windows on either side as well as the main large front viewing glass so you can see the flames from all points in your room.

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    Regular Price: £2,495.00

    Our Price £1,890.00 Inc. VAT

  • AGA Ellesmere 6 Stove

    AGA Ellesmere 6 Stove is the largest multi-fuel stove from the AGA Ellesmere Stove range. The AGA Ellesmere 6 gives a comfortable 6.6kw heat output to room which is ideal for heating medium to large size rooms or open plan areas. The AGA Ellesmere Stove looks perfect sited freestanding in a room with its modern design or installed into an existing fireplace with its tradtional stove proportions. 

    AGA Ellesmere 6 features

    The AGA Ellesmere 6 features a large clear stove viewing glass which will be kept cleaner for longer with the AGA Active Airflow System for a clean burn. 

    The AGA Ellesmere Stoves all come with one simple air control for controlling both primary and secondary air making the Ellesmere stoves easy to use. 

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    Regular Price: £1,695.00

    Our Price £1,245.00 Inc. VAT

  • AGA Hanwood Stove

    AGA Hanwood wood burning stove makes itself the contemporary heart of your room with its strong lines and large flame picture. The Hanwood makes an excellent room heater with a cosy warmth of 9kw it is ideal for the larger family home.  The Stove also comes with a handy log store which can be a lovely fireplace feature and highly practical.

    AGA Hanwood – High Efficiency

    With an impressive efficiency rating of 80.1% it also has easy to use air controls for ultimate wood burning. The Hanwood is also Defra approved for burning wood in smoke exempt areas. 

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    Regular Price: £1,575.00

    Our Price £1,215.00 Inc. VAT

  • AGA Lawley Stove

    AGA Lawley Stove is a wood burning stove available with a pedestal base with a 360 degree rotating base or a cupboard base from the new AGA Stove range. The AGA Lawley provides a stunning flame picture with its large viewing glass and has simple to use controls.

    AGA Lawley Stove – Smoke Exempt

    The Lawley is Defra approved for wood burning in smoke exempt areas.With a 4 kw heat out put the Lawley is ideal for most family homes with an efficiency rating of 80.1% you will reduce your fuel consumption significantly. The Secondary air on the AGA ensures the glass stays cleaner for longer. 

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    Regular Price: £1,775.00

    Our Price £1,355.00 Inc. VAT

  • AGA Westbury Stove

    AGA Westbury Wood burning Stove is a Contemporary smoke exempt stove from AGA's latest range. The AGA Westbury has a nominal heat output rating of 6kw for heating large rooms. 

    Contemporary AGA Stove 

    The Westbury has a graphite finish with a one single large stove glass for viewing the wood burning flames. The stove body and shape is ideal for freestanding in a open plan room or a new build. The air control on the Westbury stove is easy to us with one simple air slider for control. 

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    Regular Price: £1,775.00

    Our Price £1,345.00 Inc. VAT

  • Bronpi Blanes Stove with Oven

    Bronpi Blanes Wood burning Stove with top oven is ideal for fitting in kitchens or in a corner of the room. The Bronpi Blanes Stove not only warms the room beautifully it allows you to cook dishes in the top oven. 

    Bronpi Blanes Stove with oven features

    • 10kw heat output
    • Mettallic inside
    • Cast iron and Steel construction
    • 150mm outlet
    • Airwash for clean glass
    • 390mm x 270mm x 370mm stove chamber
    • 390mm x 300mm x 340mm oven chamber
    • 500mm max log size
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    Regular Price: £1,449.00

    Our Price £1,304.00 Inc. VAT

  • Bronpi Bury 5 multi-fuel Stove

    Bronpi Bury 5 Stove is a cast iron multi-fuel burning stove from Bronpi Spanish stove manufacturers. The Bronpi Bury 5 features a large side viewing glasses which is ideal for freestanding in a room. 

    Bronpi Bury 5 stove features

    • Manufactured using cast iron
    • Stove outlet 150mm 
    • Airwash for clean glass
    • 410mm x 316mm x 290mm chamber
    • 480mm log size
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    Regular Price: £1,376.00

    Our Price £1,238.00 Inc. VAT

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