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  • Morso 1442 Squirrel Convection Stove

    The Morsø Squirrel 1442 is a Convection stove which uses a unique combustion system, and conforms to the world’s most stringent environmental requirements. It uses the latest stove heating technology including the integrated convection system.

    The stove’s convection process ensures swift and evenly distributed heating throughout the room. The size of the stove makes it ideal for fairly small homes, weekend cottages and similar, and ensures that both the fuel and the stove are utilised optimally.

    The Morsø Squirrel 1442 Convector stove is a powerful heating source, with a capacity to provide heating for a living area of up to 75 cubic metres

    The cast iron stove is equipped with a riddling grate and ash pan, which make it easy to remove the ash and clean the stove. Morsø’s combustion system includes an air wash system, ensuring that the glass remains clean.

    Other features include;

    • Convection heat
    • Air wash system
    • Primary air supply
    • Secondary air supply
    • Tertiary air supply
    • Riddling grate system
    • Top or rear flue outlet
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  • Morso DB15 Boiler Stove - Defra Approved

    Introducing the Morso DB15 Boiler Stove - A fantastic new addition from Morso Stoves. Incorporating innovative technologies that is unusual for a boiler stove model which is making it more possible for you to be environmental and heat your home and water! 

    Boiler Stove with Clean burn technology and High efficiency rating

    This high functional heating solution has the capabilities of 9 kw to water and 6 kw to room. You can use this Boiler stove in smoke controlled areas / smokeless zones as it has been stamped Defra Approved. The Morso DB15 has all the signature marks of a Morso Stove with its simple but traditional design that would fit in any surroundings. It is a steel stove which keeps the stove air tight for optimum wood burning. Within its elementary steel exterior lies a primary and secondary combustion chamber designed to operate at temperatures exceeding 1000°C.

    Morso DB15 Boiler Stove features

    • Radiant heat 
    • Burns wood and multi-fuel
    • Boiler 
    • Aquastat control 
    • preheated air wash for clean glass
    • clean burn technology
    • riddling grate system
    • large ash pan 
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