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Cooking & Domestic Hot Water Ranges

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  • Esse 905 WD Range Cooker – Domestic hot water

    Esse 905 WD range cooker with boiler for domestic hot water will be the focal point of your kitchen warming up mouth-watering delights and providing hot water as well.Esse 905 WD has been constructed using cast iron and is available in 20 beautiful coloured finishes. The Esse 905 WD boiler range cooker has been designed so you can load up in the morning and keep it burning until you re-fuel for extra heat to cook on in the evening. The firebox has a capacity to take up to 45cm in length logs.

    Esse 905 WD Boiler model features

    • Flue controls for flexible temperature controls when cooking
    • Two Ovens – top oven 48 litres capacity and bottom oven 32 litres capacity
    • Hotplate that can fit up to 6 pans
    • Afterburn technology for a cleaner burn
    • 3-5kw heat output to room 2.1kw (6670Btu/h) to boiler
    • Door latch to keep door ajar for extra controllability
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  • Esse 990 WD Range Cooker – Domestic hot water

    Esse 990WD Cooker is a wood burning and solid fuel range cooker with domestic hot water boiler. Esse990WD is a cast iron constructed classic range cooker available in 20 different colour finishes.  The Esse 990WD model has the classic design of an Esse range cooker but the latest technologies for a clean burn with only 0.06 carbon emission and 85.6% efficiency when used with the correct fuel.

    Esse 990WD Cooker & Boiler main features:

    • Three large ovens including top oven 48 litres capacity and two bottom ovens with 32 litres capacity.
    • Different oven temperatures for a variety of cooking methods
    • Large cast iron hotplate that fits over 6 pans and has different temperature zones for boiling or simmering.
    • Unique firebox with glass door so you can enjoy views of a wood burning stove.
    • Burns Wood and Solid fuel 
    • 3-5 kw heat to room and 6670Btu/h to boiler
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  • Esse Ironheart EWB - Domestic Hot Water Boiler

    The Esse Ironheart EWB Traditional range cooker is a multi-fuel cooker complete with a domestic hot water boiler. The domestic hot water boiler will ensure you have a ample supply of hot water whenever the stove is used. The Esse Ironheart has a large single oven, a large deep firebox with glass door that can accommodate logs up to 500mm in length.

    As the heat source for the oven and hotplates it has to be highly controllable on the Esse Ironheart Range cooker, thanks to simple but effective primary and secondary air flow controls, the secondary control providing an airwash which keeps the door glass clear.

    The Esse Ironheart can burn multi-fuel and/or wood but for improved woodburning performance, a simple to fit conversion kit is available that will improve control and efficiency when burning logs. The kit comprises of a steel box that replaces the standard grate and ashpan, creating a deeper firebox with no grate. This enables more logs to be loaded and provides a flat base for an ash bed to develop,  which is essential when burning wood.

    The Esse Ironheart EWB is equally at home as a Wood-burning / Multi-fuel stove or as a range cooker.

    The EWB is the Esse iron heart cooker / stove with a fitted boiler for domestic hot water.

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  • Esse Plus 1 Range Cooker - Domestic Hot water

    Esse Plus 1 range cooker with domestic hot water boiler is an attractive small cooker. The Esse plus 1 is the ideal solution for those who want a wood fired range cooker but  have limited space. The Esse Plus one wood fired range cooker is affordable and stylish with a choice of 20 colours.  Alternatively the Esse plus one cooker sits perfectly alongside some of the Esse gas or electric cookers giving you an extra oven, a large hotplate and a different way of cooking with wood fire heating.

    Esse Plus 1 Domestic hot water– Main Features

    • Solid Fuel kit available
    • Single oven is housed below the firebox and has 32 litre volume
    • Large ring style hotplate
    • Secondary glass door allows the firebox to work like a wood burning stove
    • Hotplate reduces temperatures as you move your pan outwards from the centre. 
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  • Rayburn 212SFW Multi-Fuel Range Cooker

    The recommended fuels for this appliance is smokeless coal, bituminous coal, well seasoned and Kiln dried Logs and peat.With more compact dimensions to suit a smaller kitchen, the Rayburn 212SFW combines neatness with great cooking and heating ability. As well as cooking, the Rayburn 212SFW  is capable of heating your domestic hot water with an output to the water of up to 6000 BTU’s (1.9kW).

    The Rayburn 212 SFW is small but perfectly formed. It offers all the power you'd expect from a Rayburn, in a compact and efficient package and is ideally suited to smaller kitchens.

    The 212SFW features a large main oven and a smaller warming oven, making it perfect for cooking everything from a quick cake, through to an elaborate dinner party menu. Featuring a hotplate with graduated heat, a large main oven and either a lower cooking oven or warming oven depending on fuel type, the 200 Series offers superb cooking and heating performance in a compact package.

    The recommended fuels for this appliance is smokeless coal, bituminous coal, well seasoned and Kiln dried Logs and peat.


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  • Rayburn 308K Oil Fired Range Cooker – Cooking and Domestic Hotwater

    Rayburn 308K is not only a fantastic Range cooker it also will allow you to have 8000 btu for hot water. The Rayburn 300 Series is compact and suits a modern kitchen or a traditional home. This Classic Rayburn has a hotplate which fits up to 5 sauce pans; it has a cast iron oven and a generous sized warming oven.

    This Rayburn is connected with a conventional flue and fuelled with Kerosene.

    Available in 8 different colours

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