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  • ACR Astwood Stove

    ACR Astwood Stove from ACR Steel Stove range. ACR Astwood Stove is a 7 kw multi-fuel stove with traditional and modern styling. The ACR Astwood is ideal for heating larger sized rooms with a generous 7kw to room. 

    The ACR Astwood is Defra approved for installing in smoke controlled areas and can be fitted with an external air kit for new builds. 

    Comes in Matt Black as standard , available in Matt Finishes Buttermilk & Cranberry Blush 

    ACR Astwood Stove features

    • Steel construction 
    • Defra Approved
    • 7kw nominal heat output
    • Multi-fuel 
    • Airwash 
    • Adjustable log guard for either wood or solid fuel 
    • Brushed steel handle available
    • Direct air supply kit available
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    From: £999.00

    To: £1,036.00

  • AGA Berrington Stove

    The AGA Berrington is the largest stove in the AGA stove range, that delivers an impressive heat output of 12kW to th room. The ornate, cast iron AGA multi-fuel stove with it's tracery door is a stunning focal point for any large, traditional room.

    Limited Stock !

    The AGA Berrington stove  traditional good looks makes the stove a proud centrepiece for a large family home. Its large window is kept clean by the AGA Active Air Wash System enabling you to enjoy all the warmth and cosiness of a real fire.

    The high chrome grate inside the stove allows you to use a variety of fuels - wood, coal or selected smokeless.

    For Additional information regarding the AGA Berrington, including Technical details and User and Installation Manual, please see Technical Data below.

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    Regular Price: £2,395.00

    Our Price £1,556.00 Inc. VAT

  • AGA Stretton Inset Stove - Smoke Exempt

    AGA Stretton Inset Stove Smoke Exempt from AGA Traditional Stove range. AGA Stretton Inset Stove Defra Approved model is a wood burning only model suitable for installation in smoke exempt areas. 

    The AGA Stretton Stove has been designed to fit in a standard 16" or 18" British Fireplace 

    AGA Stretton Inset Stove SE  features

    • Defra Approved
    • Removable shaker grate
    • Ashpan 
    • AGA Active Airflow System 
    • Cool Touch handle
    • Matt Black 
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    Regular Price: £1,495.00

    Our Price £1,040.00 Inc. VAT

  • Ashwood Hardington Stove

    Ashwood Stoves British Made: The Hardington is a Multi-fuel and wood burning stove with a nominal heat output of 4.5kw. The Hardington is ideal for the energy/ environmentally conscious household with an outstanding 80% efficiency.  Ashwoods Hardington has all the latest technologies including an airflow system for ultra-clean combustion and clear glass.  

    Discontinued Stove - Limited stock available

    The Hardington also features a large fire box for extra-long burn time, an effective and easy to us temperature controls and dual chamber construction that retains the heat for longer.  The Ashwood stoves can be sited on a 12mm superimposed hearth and are easy to install with fully adjustable legs and log box.  This stove comes with a durable stainless steel ash pan which makes clearing the ash out easy and mess free. The Baffle plate is also removable for sweeping the chimney with no fuss.

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    Regular Price: £995.00

    Our Price £696.00 Inc. VAT

  • Jydepejsen Panorama 1200 Stove

    The Panorama 1200 model - wood burning stove is a modern cubic designed stove. With its large viewing glass features this contemporary log burner gives an excellent view of flames from different angles. The large self-closing door of this model maintains its straight clear lines giving it a slim line and elegant look. 

    The 1200 steel stove is available in Black or Grey and with an optional accumulation stone for long lasting natural room heating. You can also buy an external air kit to prevent drafts. 

    Display model - 1 left in stock

    Contemporary cubic convection wood burning stove with large viewing glass.

    • Heat output 4-9 kw
    • 150mm flue outlet
    • wood only
    • Convection heat
    • Height (mm) 1200 Width (mm) 390 Depth (mm) 390 - More Dimensions  
    • Distance to Combustibles 
    • Duplic air control system
    • Carries Nordic Eco-label
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  • Kotlowspaw UKS-G 43kW Multi-fuel Boiler

    Kotlowspaw UKS-G 43kW Multi-fuel Boiler is a practical and affordable multi-fuel boiler option for the modern home. Ideal for installing in flats, workshops and industrial buildings. The New Line UKS-G 43kw Boiler is durable and highly controllable, allowing you to burn turf, smokeless fuel, peat and wood. (Not suitable for RHI scheme)

    Equipped to fan and microprocessor-based regulator that controls heating furnace performance. It has a huge influence on raising heating furnace efficiency, it makes handling easier, keeps temperature set point on appropriate level and controls operation of circulation pump, supposing the system was equipped to one.

    UKS-G Multi-fuel Boiler features

    • Thermal insulation ensure reduced heat loss
    • Convection channels in the upper part of the boiler designed for longevity and great efficiency
    • Combustion chamber made of high grade steel 
    • Large combustion chamber for longer burn times
    • Combustion holes for improved combustion and lower emissions
    • Fixed water grate is made of approved heavy walled pipes ensuring the long vitality
    • Fan and easy to use control panel for optimum control 
    • Fitter thermometer
    • Top Cleaning access door
    • Wide Middle Firebox door
    • Bottom Firebox door and lower ash door

    More technical information 

    • Max water temperature - 90°C
    • Combustion time - 8-24 hours
    • Max working pressure 1 bar
    • Test pressure 4 bar
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    Regular Price: £5,000.00

    Our Price £2,236.00 Inc. VAT

  • Lohberger Varioline LCP80 Wood & Pellet Cooker

    Lohberger Varioline LCP80 Wood & Pellet Cooker - Brand New Condition - Ex Display model - only 1 left

    The Lohberher gives you the best of both worlds using wood & pellet fuels for cooking. The pellet hopper hold approximately 15kg of pellets and should last approximatley 24 hours in cold weather or several days when warm. 

    The Lohberger App allow total remote control from your mobile or tablet. Simply load your cooker with wood and start remoteley. Alternatively you can set a timer to have your cooker at the right temperature when you arrive home .

    The Touch Screen panel provides state of the art control to your cooker. Simply switching on/off or setting required heating times for each day of the week. 

    Lohberger Varioline features

    • Modern aesthetic design 
    • Metallic Anthracite
    • Automatic ignition pellet & log
    • Soft close wood storage drawer
    • Adjustable feet
    • Heat protection unit allows connection to kitchen units
    • External air compatible
    • 8.2kw heat output
    • 0.7-2.1 Pellet consumption kg/hr
    • Width with pellet module and protection spacers 1175mm
    • Oven size 370mm 
    • Flue outlet size 120mm 
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    Regular Price: £7,815.00

    Our Price £5,470.00 Inc. VAT

  • Stratford Ecoboiler 9 HE Inset Boiler stove - EB9iHE

    Stratford Ecoboiler 9HE Inset Stove from the Arada Ecoboiler HE inset range. Stratford Ecoboiler 9HE Inset Stove provides highly efficient heating for a standard british fireplace. The Stratford Ecoboiler 9HE Inset boiler stove provide 9kw output to water and 2-5kw heat output to room heating. 

    Stratford Ecoboiler 9HE Inset Boiler Stove features

    • Accessible water sensor for trouble free maintenance
    • Preheated  airwash system
    • Burns wood or solidfuel 
    • Stainless Steel ash pan 
    • Compact space saving design
    • Discreetly positioned thermostatic control fitted as standard
    • Easy Boost system
    • Large externally controlled riddling grate
    • Fits into standard British fireplace opening 
    • Flue exhaust diversion system to improve performance
    • Primary & Secondary burn to improve efficiency 
    • Suitable for installation in an indirect/open vented central heating system
    • Up to 3 bar operating pressure
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    Regular Price: £1,480.00

    Our Price £1,110.00 Inc. VAT

  • Varde Ovne Aura 12 Wall mounted stove

    Varde Ovne Aura 12 Wall mounted stove contemporary wood burning stove from Varde Ovne

    Only 1 left in stock - discontinued model 

    The Aura 12 has a 5kw nominal heat output to room ideal for small to medium room sizes. 

    The stove comes with a wall mounting kit so you can install the stove easily at the correct height. 

    The Varde Aura 12 allows for a top or rear flue outlet. 

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    Regular Price: £1,230.00

    Our Price £984.00 Inc. VAT

  • Varde Ovne Aura 2

    Varde Aura 2 Stove is a wood burning stove with an extra wide front allowing for a longer log length and amazing views. The Varde Ovne Aura 2 also comes with an intergrated log store for extra space and height. Varde Ovne are cast iron cylinder stove which are excellent for new builds or for someone looking for a contemporary wood burning stove. 

    The Varde Aura 2 wood burner gives a 5 kW heat output which gives a comfortable heat for most rooms. The Stove features a hot airwash for clear glass and clean burn system to reduce emissions. The Aura 2 is Defra approved when fitted with a smoke control kit. 

    Varde Aura 2 features

    • Large capacity ashpan
    • 5kw nominal heat output (3-7kw range)
    • Ergonomically design handles
    • Cast iron grate base for eash ash removal 
    • Cleanburn system 
    • Airwash for clear glass
    • Defra Approved when fitted with a smoke control kit 

    Minium Clearances to Combustibles

    • Rear 125mm 
    • Sides 300mm 
    • Front 850mm 
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Items 1 to 10 of 13 total

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