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AGA 60 Contemporary Electric Cooker

Contemporary style AGA 60 electric cast iron cooker is ideal for the modern city home. The AGA 60 cooker will fit into a standard 60cm space in your kitchen. The contemporary option gives a sleek look with its new low profile lid, a modern AGA badge and its streamlined chrome fascia detail with no traditional handrail. The AGA 60 modern cooker is available in a wide range of colours to suit all kitchens.

Have all the benefits of cooking with a radiant cast iron heat as well as feeling the beautiful warmth in your city home. The AGA City 60 like the total control models can be switched on to full temperature from off so its saves energy.

The AGA 60 Electric cooker can also be programmed to switch the ovens on and off allowing for three cooking times per day. (Only when used with optional extra AGA 60 programmer) The AGA 60 cookers are very easy to use with just one control for the hotplate and one control for the ovens.

Contemporary AGA 60 Electric hotplate features

Features one hotplate for boiling and simmering allowing switching between the two, the contemporary AGA 60 has a chrome low profile lid. From cold it takes up to 11 minutes to reach temperature for boiling and 8 minutes for simmering.

AGA 60 Electric Ovens settings

  • Off

  • Roast – from cold 60 minutes

  • Roast & Simmer– from cold 60 minutes

  • Simmer– from cold 60 minutes

  • Bake & Simmer– from cold 60 minutes

  • Bake– from cold 60 minutes

More features include

  • AGA City60 Programmer available as optional extra

  • Low profile lid

  • Streamlined chrome fascia details

  • Modern AGA badge

  • Mounted on wheels for easy installation

  • Available in 14 colours 

AGA 60 video 


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Technical Data

Technical Data

Cooker depth excluding handles 620mm
Width 600mm
Height 910mm
Numbers of Ovens 2
Fuel Type Electric
Flue Type No
Roasting Oven Yes
Simmering Oven Yes
Baking Oven Yes

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