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Timber Croc - Log Holder

Timber Croc - Log Holder for Chain Saw

Timber Croc holds logs in place making it safe for cutting logs into smaller sizes ready for your wood burner. The Timber Croc is designed to hold logs, palletts and planks of various sizes ranging from 25mm - 230mm for quick and easy cutting.  

The Timber Croc  makes cutting wood with a chainsaw more accessible for one person without any other support. With numerous pivoting spurs of varying heights, the log or pallet is placed into the timber Croc and the counter blocker finds the right pair of spurs for the log, regardless of the diameter.

The Timber Croc can be set up in minute and folds away so it is not a permenant fixture. Weighing only 20kg the Timber Croc can be set up with no strains.

Timber Croc eliminates the dangers that may result from cutting timber on the ground and eliminates the need for a second person to hold the timber as it's cut.

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