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Techna Water 16kw Pellet Stove

Techna Water 16kw Pellet Stove is an outstanding pellet stove system from Jolly Mec combining beautiful ceramic stove cladding, am easy open handle and a boiler stove with an integrable system for the whole house. Jolly Mec Techna Water Stove has silent operation and can be connected with radiators and can be installed with a parallel boiler. The Techna is a fuss free Pellet stove with a possible pellet feeding system from a Pellet tank, so you don't need to worry about reloading the stove with Pellets. The Techna 16kw can also be integrated with solar panels  and hot water storage however the 21kw model is the only Techna which provides domestic hot water. 

Techna combustion chamber is  made of special steel whose particular construction and smoke wash allows to fully exploit the heat produced by combustion, obtaining high efficiencies. Also comes with bottom feeding and security system, in order to have a better pellet combustion and less maintenance of the burn pot. The burn pot is also self cleaning which means it only requires a weekly clean with average use. This system is also supplied with a closed vessel, already assembled and tested, complete with safety valves, heating pump, expansion tank, filling unit and drain cock. The inner exchanger is automatically cleaned, thus granting a constant efficiency and eliminating maintenance.

The Techna can be operated by remote control that is provided as standard. 

Available in Gloss Black, Medium Grey, Creamy White, Bronze

Renewable Heat Incentive 

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Technical Data

Technical Data

Pellet Stove Type Water
Burned Power Kw 19.72
Thermal Rated Output Kw 18.54
Minimal Output Kw 4.85
Kw to Water 16.11
Consumption Min/Max Kg/h 1.1/4.1
Dimensions 610mm (w) x 640mm (d) x 1180mm (h)
Flue Outlet Top or Rear
Flue Diameter 80mm
Tank Capacity Kg 40
Efficiency (%) 94.23
Average Heated Area M² 170