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  • Ashdon Electric Stove

    Ashdon Electric Stove from Gazco Electric Stove range is available in matt black, matt ivory, laurel green enamel, midnight blue enamel and ivory enamel. The Ashdon is finished with elegant gothic doors and castings and looks like a real wood burning stove with the log flame effects. Not only does the Ashdon Electric stove look fantastic it is easy to use with a remote control and thermostat controlled manually on the stove. Get quick and efficient 2kw heat output with no need for a chimney and zero labour.   VeriFlame means you can control the stoves three brightness levels and heat settings.

    Dimensions – 652mm (h) x 654mm (w) x 515mm (d)

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  • Ashdon LPG Gas Stove

    Ashdon LPG Gas Stove combines beautiful castings and traditional gothic doors with high performance for a room heater that looks amazing. The Gazco Ashdon LPG model gives a comfortable 5.28kw heat output to room which is ideal for small to medium sized rooms. The Ashdons features are well suited to a traditional fireplace with the option of having a clear or tracery door. Choose the Ashdon in a standard matt black finish or opt for a luxury colour enamel finish. 

    The Ashdon LPG Stove can be installed with conventional flue with a coal effect fuel bed or a balanced flue with log effect fuel bed. 

    The Ashdon LPG model  heat and flame settings can be controlled manually on the stove or from the comfort of your sofa with a standard remote control. A programmable thermostatic upgradeable control is also available to maintain a consistent temperature efficiently. 

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  • Ashdon Natural Gas Stove

    Ashdon Natural Gas Stove has been refined to give a beautiful traditional finish with graceful lines and a gothic tracery stove door. The Ashdon has excellent performance for heating small to medium sized rooms with a 5.28 kw heat out put.  The Ashdon Stove from Gazco is available in Matt Black or a number of enamel colour finishes which look stunning. Choose between a coal or log flame effect fuel bed with a balanced flue or conventional flue installtion. 

    The Ashdon natural gas stove is controllable manually or with a standard control, you can also opt for a programmable thermostatic control to time when you would like the heating to come on and off at a comfortable temperature. 

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  • Ashwood Hardington Stove

    Ashwood Stoves British Made: The Hardington is a Multi-fuel and wood burning stove with a nominal heat output of 4.5kw. The Hardington is ideal for the energy/ environmentally conscious household with an outstanding 80% efficiency.  Ashwoods Hardington has all the latest technologies including an airflow system for ultra-clean combustion and clear glass.  

    Discontinued Stove - Limited stock available

    The Hardington also features a large fire box for extra-long burn time, an effective and easy to us temperature controls and dual chamber construction that retains the heat for longer.  The Ashwood stoves can be sited on a 12mm superimposed hearth and are easy to install with fully adjustable legs and log box.  This stove comes with a durable stainless steel ash pan which makes clearing the ash out easy and mess free. The Baffle plate is also removable for sweeping the chimney with no fuss.

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  • Barbas Unilux 3 – 40 Insert

    Barbas Unilux 3- 40 Insert fireplace is a modern built in wood burning stove that is ideal for modern or traditional fireplaces. Choose from a Unilux 3-40 with a 3 sided frame sat on a hearth or a 4 sided frame.  You can also opt for a traditional steel door or a more sleek glass door which emphasizes the glowing flames.  The Barbas Unilux is fitted with convection casing which allows a more even heat distribution into the home which can be ideal for new renovations.

    The Barbas Unilux features all the modern combustion technologies including an airwash to keep the glass clear. It is also Defra approved for burning wood in smoke exempt areas. 

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  • Beltane Brue Stove

    Although the Beltane Brue 3.2kW SE wood burning and multi-fuel stove is the smallest in the Beltane range, it is highly efficient and ideal for heating smaller rooms. With its stylish freestanding design, durable 5mm body and cast iron grate, this stove is also DEFRA approved, meaning it can burn wood in a smoke exempt areas.

    Beltane Brue 3.2kW SE main features

    • Approved for Smoke Control Areas
    • Burns wood and multifuel
    • 86% efficiency
    • Suitable for 12mm hearth
    • Airwash system
    • 5mm steel body
    • Cast iron grate


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  • Beltane Chew Stove

    The Beltane Chew Stove is durable little stove thats been made with tough 5 mm steel. The minimalist design and traditonal stove features means the Chew stove would fit perfectly in any home. 

    Efficient Heat and enjoyable warmth for your home

    Beltane stoves are affordable and incorporate all the modern technologies you want from a Wood burning or multi-fuel stove. Its airwash system keeps the stove glass clear from deposits. It even has a very 'cool' door handle so you can safely open and close the door with out gloves at hot temperatures. 

    The Beltane Chew stove has excellent air controls that are simple to use when making adjustments from burning coal to smokeless fuel or natural wood.  The Beltane Stoves are DEFRA Approved for smoke exempt areas and you don't need to buy an extra kit either!

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  • Beltane Midford Woodburning Stove

    Beltane Midford Stove New Dedicated Woodburner from Beltane Stove range. The Beltane Midford wood burner is the ideal choice for heating large rooms with a nominal heat output of 10kw to room. The Beltane Midford features traditional double doors making it easier to load large logs up to 500mm long.

    Beltane Midford main features

    • 10kw heat output
    • Airwash system
    • 5mm Steel body
    • Cast iron grate
    • 500mm log length
    • Suitable for 12mm decorative hearth
    • 30mm Vermiculite chamber
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    Our Price £880.00 Inc. VAT

  • Beltane Sheppey Multi-fuel stove

    Beltane Stoves Sheppey share the same design features as the Chew stove but is bigger in size and heat output. This wood and mult-fuel burner is durable and made from tough 5 mm steel. Their traditional stove features but with minimalist design will look good in any room!

    The Sheppey is Defra approved for burning wood in smoke control areas and their high efficiency means they can burn fuel cleanly making them a more Eco-friendly stove. 

    This stove comes with all the modern combustion technology  such as a cool door handle for opening the door safely. The Airwash system keeps the stove glass clear from deposits. The air controls are intuitive which make adjustment to the fire simple, whilst being able to burn smokeless coal or natural wood. 

    Beltane Stove Sheppey features

    • Burns wood and solid fuel
    • Defra approved
    • Cool handle
    • Airwash System
    • Convection top and rear plate
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    Regular Price: £737.00

    Our Price £700.00 Inc. VAT

  • Bronpi Avila Stove

    Bronpi Avila Stove is a modern wood burning stove with a 12kw heat output to room ideal for heating large rooms or open plan areas. The Bronpi Avila features a store stand for extra log storage. 

    Bronpi Avila Stove features

    • 12kw nominal heat output
    • 75% efficient
    • Vermiculite inside
    • Cast iron & steel construction
    • 200mm stove outlet
    • Airwash for clean glass
    • 385mm x 285mm x 270mm chamber
    • 450mm log size
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    Regular Price: £838.00

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Items 61 to 70 of 839 total

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