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Contemporary Stoves

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  • Contura 26T High Stove Soapstone

    Contura 26T High Stove is highly practical and efficient. Its large curved glass viewing glass gives a large amount of light to your home allowing you to enjoy those warm flames from all angles. 

    The Contura 26T high stove allows you to add a powerstone to the heat tank. Powerstone is a stone with excellent heat retention properties. It provides heat long after the fire has gone out. For example, the cooling period is up to 18 hours for Contura 26T with extra heat tank.  

    The Contura 26 has a Dual air system regulating heating and cooling. 

    Contura 26T High Soapstone stove features

    • 6kw heat output
    • Wood burning
    • Colour black or grey 
    • Optional fan
    • Optional floor plate
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  • Contura 26T Low Soapstone Stove

    Contura 26T Low Soapstone Stove - combines radiating soapstone body with a fan for ultimate heat distribution round your home. Not only will you be very cosy and warm in the winter you will be mesmerized by the large curved viewing glass that fills the room with light. 

    The Contura 26 Stove is one of our most heat efficient stoves that includes a Heat Tank. Which means your room will stay warm long after the flames have died out. 

    The dual air system in the Contura 26 stoves have a fantastic ability to both control the heat distriubution and cooling down period. 

    You can choose from a black or grey stove insert to blend in beautifully with the natural soapstone effect.

    Optional extras Available with this stove is a Contura floor plate and an Outside Air Kit. 

    Contura 26T Low Stove features

    • 6kw heat output
    • Woodburning 
    • Stove insert in black or grey
    • Soapstone effect
    • Fan 
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  • Contura 620T Style Woodburning Stove

    Contura 620T Style Woodburning Stove from Contura C-600 series. The Contura 620T features Natural Soapstone Cladding which slowly emitts the heat into the room long after the fire has died out. The Contura 620T comes with a warming shelf as standard - when fitted with a front cover can be used with an option heat retaining power stone for extra heat emitting properties. 

    The 620T Woodburning Stove has the ablilty to look fantastic in any setting due to the Soapstone body, availible in grey/black and only availible with the Soapstone top 

    Contura 620T Style Key Features

    • Cleanburn 
    • Airwash System
    • 6kW Output 
    • 86% Efficiencey 
    • Wood-Burning Only 
    • Defra Approved 
    • Hetas Approved D
    • Dimensions - (H) 1290mm x (W) 580mm x (D) 515mm
    • Maximum Log Length - 360mm
    • Weight 250kg
    • Availible in Grey and Black
    • Soapstone Top Only 
    • Availible with Rotary Grate and Silent Sliding Ashtry
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  • Contura 690T Style Woodburning Stove

    Contura 690T Style Woodburning Stove from Contura Soapstone range. The Contura 690T is a dedicated woodburner with a large heat out put ranging 3-9kw ideal for heating large open plan modern spaces or barn conversions. The Contura 690T Natural Soapstone has excellent heat reating properties as well as giving the 'Wow factor' in your home. 

    Contura 690T features

    • output 3-9kw 
    • 86% efficiency
    • A+ Energy rating
    • Available in Black or Grey
    • Soapstone cladding
    • Refuelling Boost function 
    • Silent sliding ashtray
    • Automatic start function
    • built in handles
    • Storage drawer
    • Optional powerstone 
    • Optional convection fan
    • Optional direct air kit
    • Optional turntable
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  • Jydepejsen Cosmo 971 Stove Soapstone

    Jydepejsen Cosmo 971 Stove with Soapstone cladding is an outstanding wood burner with excellent heating properties. If you opt for Soapstone your stove will truly be unique with its natural mineral properties not one bit of soapstone is identical to another. 

    Bring a touch of luxury to your home with the soapstone finish it will not only bring a beautiful focal point to your living room it will also help to continue to heat your home long after the flames have died out. The Cosmo range is a very efficient convection wood burner with clean combustion which keeps the environment and your pockets safe! The Cosmo wood burning stove is also Defra approved which means you can install this stove and burn wood in smoke controlled/ smokless zones.  

    Like all Jydepejsen stoves the Cosmo comes with Duplic air controls which are intuitive to use  and is available with a external air kit for well insulated homes and to meet regulations. 

    Cosmo 971 soapstone features:

    • 3-8kw output
    • 150mm outlet
    • wood only
    • soapstone cladding
    • Convection heat
    • optional external air kit
    • Duplic air control system
    • Distance to combustibles
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  • Jydepejsen Mido Soapstone stove

    The Jydepejsen Mido Soapstone stove is slightly bigger than the steel bodies version. The soapstone version brings long lasting room heat. The Mido's large cast iron door with its curved glass hides the ashpan but also gives an impressive view of the combustion chamber. Equipped with the DuplicAir system for optimal and environmentally friendly combustion. The handle on the Mido is made from strong stainless steel which provides a fantastic look.

    A Classic Jydepejsen soapstone stove - slimline and contemporary design for a large modern home.

    Jydepejsen Mido soapstone features

    • 3-8kw heat output
    • 150 flue outlet
    • wood only and defra approved 
    • convection heat
    • optional external air kit
    • Height (mm) 1140 Width (mm) 520 Depth (mm) 510 - More Dimensions
    • Distance to combustibles
    • Duplic air control system 
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  • Jydepejsen Orion Soapstone stove

    Jydepejsen Orion Soapstone stove from the Jydepejsen Orion range. Featuring Natural Soapstone Cladding and cast iron doors to handle the high temperatures. This stove comes with an external air kit and ash pan for easy cleaning maintenance. It also has a useful cold handle on the doors for safe opening and closing.  The Orion Soapstone stove brings a touch of elegance into your home. Ideal for contemporary homes who want a beautiful and highly functional wood burner.

    Jydepejsen Orion Soapstone stove features

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  • Jydepejsen Troja 44

    Jydepejsen Troja 44 from Jydepejsen Troja soapstone stove range.The soapstone features means that each Troja 44 is unique. Designed with a spacious combustion chamber, a large curved glass window and the air system Duplicair. The solid finish soapstone provides a very efficient heat emission which is ideal for large homes. Comes with ashpan for easy cleaning maintenance.

    The Jydepejsen Troja 44 wood burning stove is an exceptional solid soapstone stove that brings an essence of natural art to your home.

    Jydepejsen Troja 44 features

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  • Jydepejsen Troja 45 Stove

    Jydepejsen Troja 45 Stove from Jydepejsen Troja Soapstone range. This beautiful wood-burning stove is perfect for larger homes. The Troja's soapstone cladding enables extremely efficient heat dissipation, and the soapstone covering is carefully adjusted to the insert. Nature’s own design decorates every single stove, and not two surfaces are alike. Troja has a convection grill on top that enables adjustment of the heat dissipation through the convection tube. Troja has an elegant, child-proof locking system, which remains cold despite high temperatures.

    The Troja 45 wood burning stove is a taller version of the 44. It has the same solid soapstone features for a long lasting heating.

    Jydepejsen Troja 45 features

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