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Contemporary Stoves

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  • ACR Elmdale Stove

    ACR Elmdale Stove from ACR Cast Iron Inglenook Stove range. ACR Elmdale Stove features a high canopy made of steel and a cast iron firebox allowing a 450mm log length. The ACR Elmdale Stove is a dedicated woodburner with a 9kw heat output to room and Defra approved for smoke controlled areas. 

    ACR Elmdale Stoves features

    • Cast iron firebox with steel canopy
    • Defra Approved
    • 9kw nominal heat output
    • Dedicated wood burner
    • Easy to use air control system
    • Airwash 
    • Matt Black stove paint
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  • Beltane Sheppey Multi-fuel stove

    Beltane Stoves Sheppey share the same design features as the Chew stove but is bigger in size and heat output. This wood and mult-fuel burner is durable and made from tough 5 mm steel. Their traditional stove features but with minimalist design will look good in any room!

    The Sheppey is Defra approved for burning wood in smoke control areas and their high efficiency means they can burn fuel cleanly making them a more Eco-friendly stove. 

    This stove comes with all the modern combustion technology  such as a cool door handle for opening the door safely. The Airwash system keeps the stove glass clear from deposits. The air controls are intuitive which make adjustment to the fire simple, whilst being able to burn smokeless coal or natural wood. 

    Beltane Stove Sheppey features

    • Burns wood and solid fuel
    • Defra approved
    • Cool handle
    • Airwash System
    • Convection top and rear plate
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  • Charnwood C6 Stove (C-Six)

    Charnwood C6 Stove is a modern 6.7kw stove from the popular Charnwood C Series Wood burning range. The Charnwood C6 wood burning stove is has a traditional steel stove body with a fresh modern look. Choose from 8 Charnwood Stove colour finishes with a stylish natural woodern door handle or a sleek black handle (wooden is standard). The Charnwood C6 Stove door is gives portrait view of the flames, the C6 storestand option gives the stove extra height as well as log storage. 

    Charnwood C6 Stove main features

    • Steel plate lined
    • Large picture window
    • Single air control
    • Optional riddling grate for multi-fuel use
    • Optional store stand
    • Defra Approved

    Charnwood C6 more optional extras

    Charnwood C6 Stoves give an option of a C6 heatshield for a better installation when fitting up against a combustible material. The heat shield reduces the rear distance to combustibles from 500mm to 200mm 

    The Charnwood Vertical Rear flue adaptors allows for a neat installation for the flue pipe coming out of the back of the stove and then straight up into the chimney.

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  • Charnwood C7 Stove (C-Seven)

    Charnwood C7 Stove in wood burning or multi-fuel burner from the highly popular Charnwood C-Series range with a comfortable 7.6kW heat output to room. The Charnwood C7 is ideal for wider fireplace openings with its landscape stove door and wide firebox features allowing for longer lengthed logs. The Charnwood C7 Stove is also Defra approved for burning wood and smokeless fuels in smoke exempt areas. 

    Charnwood C7 Multi-fuel or Wood burner

    Choose a Charnwood C7 Multi-fuel and get a riddling grate for burning solid fuel and an ash pan for easy cleaning. The Charnwood C7 wood burner comes with a wood burner tray allowing the wood to burn at its best on a bed of ash.  

    Charnwood C7 options

    The Charnwood C7 heat shield allows the stove to be installed closer to combustibles reducing the distance at the back of the stove from 500mm to 240mm.

    The Charnwood C7 can use a 6" vertical rear flue adaptor for a neat flue pipe installation coming from the back of the stove and up onto the chimney. 

    The C7 is avaulable in 7 colours and matt black with a natural wooden handle (as standard) or a black handle. 

    Charnwood C7 on a store stand gives the stove extra height and storage. 

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  • Charnwood C8 Stove (C-Eight)

    Charnwood C8 Stove  from the Charnwood C-Series is a modern wood burning stove with an optional multi-fuel drop in grate when you want to burn solid fuel.  The Charnwood C8 has a tall portrait shaped stove body with a traditional stove feel but with a fresh modern look. The Charnwood C8 comes in black as standard with a natural wooden door handle. The C8 is also available in all 7 Charnwood colour finishes with a black handle if preferable. 

    Charnwood C8 Wood & MF Stove - Defra Approved

    The Charnwood C8 Stove is Defra approved as standard for burning wood or smokeless fuels in smoke controlled areas. The Charnwood C8 gives an outstanding heat output of 8.3 kw to the room which is ideal for heating large rooms . The Charnwood C8 is easy to control with a simple air control slider at the front and with the airwash facility the stove glass will be kept clear. The Charnwood C8 Wood burner comes with a wood burning box to burn wood on a bed of ash for best wood burning outcomes where as the multi-fuel version comes with an ash pan and grate for burning solid fuel and ideal if you want easy cleaning. 

    Charnwood C8 Colour options

    • Bronze
    • Pewter
    • Brown
    • Blue
    • Green
    • Almond
    • Gunmetal
    • Matt Black
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  • Charnwood Cove 2 Stove Low Stand

    Charnwood Cove 2 Stove - Low Stand / Base model is a 8kw multi-fuel stove from Charnwood Cove range. The Charnwood Cove 2 Stove on a low base is ideal for a large modern fireplace opening or freestanding in an open plan space. 

    The Charnwood Cove 2 Stove is a fresh modern multi-fuel stove with a curved door which shows off the wood burning flames. 

    Charnwood Cove 2 Stove features

    • Low Stand / Base
    • 8 Colour choices
    • Optional Convection side panel units including a Gloss finish & Union Jack
    • SR (defra) model available
    • Curved door
    • External air manifold available
    • Converting Grate
    • Quattroflow Management
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  • Charnwood Cove 2B Boiler Stove Low Stand

    Charnwood Cove 2B Boiler Stove is a contemporary central heating stove from Charnwood Cove Boiler Stove range. The Charnwood Cove 2B Stove has a thermostatically integral boiler that provides domestic hot water and heats up to 7 radiators. 

    The Charnwood Cove 2 Boiler Stove is available in 8 colour finishes and different stands this model comes with a standard low stand. 

    Charnwood Cove 2B Stove features

    • Low Stand / Base
    • 8 Colour choices
    • Optional Convection side panel units including a Gloss finish & Union Jack
    • Curved door
    • External air manifold available


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  • Contura 52T Stove Cast Iron and soapstone

    Contura 52T Stove is a beautiful stove with a Traditional style but with a modern twist. The 52T from the Contura 50 series range has been made and finised to perfection. 

    Substantial stove in cast iron and soapstone

    Made using Cast Iron and Soapstone materials which have excellent heat retention properties that compliment each other beautifully. The materials and firebox on this stove means that this wood burner has an excellent performance with 81% efficiency. 

    Contura 52T Stove features

    • Adjustable legs
    • Removable handle
    • Optional extra hotplate
    • Optional extra floor plate
    • Optional extra air inlet
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  • Morso DB15 Boiler Stove - Defra Approved

    Introducing the Morso DB15 Boiler Stove - A fantastic new addition from Morso Stoves. Incorporating innovative technologies that is unusual for a boiler stove model which is making it more possible for you to be environmental and heat your home and water! 

    Boiler Stove with Clean burn technology and High efficiency rating

    This high functional heating solution has the capabilities of 9 kw to water and 6 kw to room. You can use this Boiler stove in smoke controlled areas / smokeless zones as it has been stamped Defra Approved. The Morso DB15 has all the signature marks of a Morso Stove with its simple but traditional design that would fit in any surroundings. It is a steel stove which keeps the stove air tight for optimum wood burning. Within its elementary steel exterior lies a primary and secondary combustion chamber designed to operate at temperatures exceeding 1000°C.

    Morso DB15 Boiler Stove features

    • Radiant heat 
    • Burns wood and multi-fuel
    • Boiler 
    • Aquastat control 
    • preheated air wash for clean glass
    • clean burn technology
    • riddling grate system
    • large ash pan 
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