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Contemporary Stoves

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  • Charnwood Cove 3 Stove on Low Stand

    Charnwood Cove 3 Stove on a low stand from Charnwood Cove 3 Stove range is a contemporary multi-fuel stove with a tall viewing glass. The Charnwood Cove 3 Stove has a generous heat output of 12kw nominal and 16kw maximum ideal for freestanding in large rooms, halls or open plan spaces. 

    One single curved door offers a breathtaking view of the fire inside the Cove, whilst its highly advanced combustion system ensures optimum efficiency and an exceptionally clean burn.

    Charnwood Cove 3 Stove features

  • Low Stand / Base
  • 8 Colour choices
  • Optional Convection side panel units including a Gloss finish & Union Jack
  • SR (defra) model available
  • Curved door
  • External air manifold available
  • Converting Grate
  • Quattroflow Management
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  • Charnwood Tor Stove

    The Charnwood Tor is the contemporary wood burning stove that offers a spectacular view of the fire. The Tors curved glass panels offer a spectacular view of the fire from the front and from the sides whilst a highly advanced combustion system ensures exceptional clean burning and outstanding efficiency. Available in 2 sizes: The Tor (3-10kW) and The Tor Pico (2-7kW). Both models employ the latest smoke reducing technology and are DEFRA exempted - allowing wood to be burnt in smoke control areas. With optional stone top feature. Learn More
  • Contura 450 Stove

    Contura 450 Stove from the Contura 400 Series range is another outstanding wood burning stove. Highly efficient and highly attractive with a choice of white, black or grey stove colours. 

    Large glass surfaces in the sides

    You won't be disappointed by the spectacular views the Contura 450  has to offer it will fill your home with warmth and light! This classic designed log burner has been built to the highest standards and performs well like all Contura Stoves.  This stove also comes with a heat tank so you can reap the benefits of the heat for longer after the fire has died out. 

    Optional extras include a fan, a fresh air inlet and a floor plate.

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  • Contura 450T Stove

    Contura 450T Soapstone Stove from the Contura 400 series range is similar to the 450 wood burner but with soapstone panels in it hood. 

    Heat retention in the stove cover

    The heat retention in the soapstone together with the powerstone allows you to have a nice warm home for several hours after the flame has died out. If your energy concious and moving towards a economical and greener home a Contura wood burner is for you. They have excellent efficiency ratings this one has 80% efficiency which makes this a carbon neutral stove burning well seasoned wood. 

    You home will be filled with light with the 450T glass on three sides finished off too perfection with its soft round lines. You can choose from three different colours: Black, White or Grey. 

    Optional extras include: floor protection plate, fan, and a fresh air inlet. 

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  • Contura 470 Stove Wood burning Stove

    The Contura 470 Soapstone Stove is a classically styled series for those who want the real deal! A beautiful masonry stove feel in your living space will be the heart of any home. The wood stove can be seen as if the burner is an open fire but with the protection of glass. The firebox and heat retaining powerstone is under a traditional looking cover which oozes charisma.  The Contura 470 has a large ashpan concealed under the door for easy ash removal. 

    Light Environmentally Consiously!

    Contura stoves are all highly efficient wood burners but this Contura has the added benefit of soapstone cladding, a heat tank under the stove hood which radiates heat for many hours after the fire has gone. Ideal for those who are energy concious and moving towards a greener home. 

    Optional extras include a fresh air inlet, a fan and a floor plate. 

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  • Contura 480 Stove

    Contura 480 Stove is an outstanding wood burning stove in beauty and efficiency! Soapstone is a pure, natural material with individual veining and good heat retaining characteristics.

    Contemporary carved soapstone stove 

    Contura also has heat retaining powerstone hidden under its beautiful soapstone cover. The Contura 400 Series firebox gives a generous glass area that fills your home with light. 

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  • Spartherm Magic Fireplace Round Insert

    Spartherm Magic wood burning stove is a contemporary round fireplace insert with an amazing 270° viewing glass. Spartherms Magic Fireplace insert truly gives a magical experience with its stunning features that will bring any room to life with 12kw heat output to room. The Spartherm Magic Stove is like having a real outdoor fire in your front room with its round viewing glass. The Magic Fire insert features a rear loading door the standard Spartherm Magic allows you to manually turn the round glass so the back loading door is facing towards the front. The back exit gives you access for refuelling through a single hinged door. The Spartherm Magic Prestige has an electronic door that turns the front viewing glass around for refuelling.

    The Spartherm Magic can also be bought with a large storage unit which is an ideal room separator for large open plan rooms. 

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