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Contemporary Stoves

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  • Wiking Luma 1 Wall Mounted Stove

    Wiking Luma 1 wood burning Stove wall mounted version from the Wiking Luma 1 series. The Wiking Luma 1 wood burner is a contemporary stove constructed with steel and a cast iron door and side viewing glass. 

    Wiking Luma 1 Stove design features

    • Wiking automatic
    • 7kw nominal heat output
    • 9kw max heat output
    • Side viewing glass
    • Large glass viewing area
    • Modern design
    • Unique door closing system
    • Airwash for clear glass
    • Top or rear flue outlet 
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  • Bronpi Avila Stove

    Bronpi Avila Stove is a modern wood burning stove with a 12kw heat output to room ideal for heating large rooms or open plan areas. The Bronpi Avila features a store stand for extra log storage. 

    Bronpi Avila Stove features

    • 12kw nominal heat output
    • 75% efficient
    • Vermiculite inside
    • Cast iron & steel construction
    • 200mm stove outlet
    • Airwash for clean glass
    • 385mm x 285mm x 270mm chamber
    • 450mm log size
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    Regular Price: £838.00

    Our Price £754.00 Inc. VAT

  • Bronpi Bury 5 multi-fuel Stove

    Bronpi Bury 5 Stove is a cast iron multi-fuel burning stove from Bronpi Spanish stove manufacturers. The Bronpi Bury 5 features a large side viewing glasses which is ideal for freestanding in a room. 

    Bronpi Bury 5 stove features

    • Manufactured using cast iron
    • Stove outlet 150mm 
    • Airwash for clean glass
    • 410mm x 316mm x 290mm chamber
    • 480mm log size
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    Regular Price: £1,376.00

    Our Price £1,238.00 Inc. VAT

  • Bronpi Dover Stove

    Bronpi Dover Stove in matt black has a generous heat output of 9.4 kw to room. The Bronpi Dover stove has a contemporary style with its circular steel body and log store. The Bronpi Dover also features a heat storage system for distributing heat out into the room slowly after the fire has died out. 

    Bronpi Dover Stove features

    • Heat output of 9.4kw
    • 76% efficient
    • Out side air intake compatible
    • Primary & Secondary air combustion
    • Vermiculite internals
    • Steel construction
    • Curved ceramic glass
    • Removable cast iron grill for easy cleaning
    • Stainless steel handle
    • Airwash for clean glass
    • 310mm x 360mm x 290mm chamber
    • 350mm max log length
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    Regular Price: £1,690.00

    Our Price £1,521.00 Inc. VAT

  • Bronpi Huelva Stove - 4 sided fireplace

    Bronpi Huelva Stove - 4 sided fireplace is a high heat output contemporary wood burning stove. Bronpi Huelva is ideal for heating large open plan spaces and you can enjoy the views from the wood burning flames at all angles. The Bronpi Huelva features also a log store for useful storage and an airwash facility for clean glass.

    Bronpi Huelva Stove features

    • 200mm flue outlet
    • 538 x 310 x 600mm chamber
    • airwash 
    • 16kw heat output
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    Regular Price: £3,270.00

    Our Price £2,943.00 Inc. VAT

  • Bronpi Louvre Stove

    Bronpi Louvre Stove contemporary woodburner from Bronpi Stoves has a generous 11kw heat output to room. The Bronpi Louvre high heat output and convection heat system makes it ideal for heat large open plan spaces. The Bronpi Louvre is available with a black or white log storage base and features an exceptional black silkscreen glass door. 

    Bronpi Louvre features

    • Double combustion system 
    • Clean glass system
    • Security System in Fans - in the event the user forgets to activate the switch of the fan, the fan will work automatically from 60°C 
    • Low Emissions System for reduced emissions of poullutants to the atmosphere 
    • Outside air intake 
    • 11 kw heat output
    • Dedicated Woodburner 
    • Optional Black or White base

    Please call for availability Bronpi Stoves can take 3 - 4 weeks for delivery 

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  • Bronpi Monza Stove with Oven & Hotplate

    Bronpi Monza wood burning stove with oven and hotplate from Bronpi Stoves is a stylish wood burner with a 9kw heatoutput to room. 

    Bronpi Monza stove features

    • 9kw heat output
    • Efficiency 70%
    • Vermiculite internal 
    • Manufactured with Cast iron & Steel
    • Flue outlet 150mm 
    • Cast iron twin hobs
    • Oven with fire bricks & removable cast iron grill
    • Thermometer
    • Airwash clean glass
    • 390mm x 270mm x 360mm stove chamber
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    Regular Price: £1,481.00

    Our Price £1,332.00 Inc. VAT

  • Bronpi Sydney-T Stove

    Bronpi Sydney-T Stove from Bronpi Woodburning stove range. The Bronpi Sydney T offers a generous 11kw of heat output to room with the option of direct outside air intake. 

    Available in three colour finishes Apricot, Matt Black, Grey 

    Bronpi Sydney T features

    • SCL Clean Glass system 
    • SDC Double combustion system 
    • SSV Security system in fans - fan works automatically alone from 60°C
    • SBE Low Emissions System 
    • Dedicated Woodburner
    • Cast iron & Steel Construction 

    Bronpi Lead times approx 3- 4 weeks - please call to check 

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    Regular Price: £1,517.00

    Our Price £1,365.00 Inc. VAT

  • Bronpi Tudela Stove - with oven

    Bronpi Tudela Stove is a wood burning stove with oven from Bronpi Stoves range. The Bronpi Tudela wood burner with oven offers a generous 13 kw heat output to room as well as allowing you to cook come tasty delights whilst warming your home. 

    Bronpi Tudela with oven features

    • Vermiculite inside
    • Oven with firebricks
    • Stove thermometer
    • Air wash for clean glass
    • Stove chamber 385mm x 285mm x 270mm
    • Oven chamber 385mm x 150mm x 270mm 
    • Steel and cast iron construction
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    Regular Price: £989.00

    Our Price £890.00 Inc. VAT

  • Bronpi Versalles C Vision Wall Mounted Stove

    Bronpi Versalles Vision Wall Mounted Stove from Bronpi. Bronpi Versalle Vision Wall Mounted model is a contemporary woodburner with landscape views and large side viewing glass. The Bronpi Versalle has a 12kw heat output to room and can be fitted with an outside air kit. 

    Bronpi Versalles-C Wall Mounted features

    • Dedicated woodburner
    • Fan assisted
    • Modern black silkscreened glass door
    • 3 sided glass
    • Integral log store
    • Double combustion system
    • Clean glass system
    • Cast iron interior
    • Removable and adjustable grill

    Lead time usually 3 - 4 weeks

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    Regular Price: £1,667.00

    Our Price £1,500.00 Inc. VAT

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