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Contemporary Stoves

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  • Broseley Evolution 26 Woodburning Boiler Stove

    Broseley Evolution 26 Woodburning Boiler Stove is the most powerful in the Evolution range. The Broseley Evolution 26 Boiler stove gives 10kw heat output to room and 16kw heat output to water, ideal for heating large sized rooms and central heating system. 

    The Evolution 26 boiler stove is suitable for unvented (combi coiler) system or a traditional vented system with water tanks. For more information and/or the manual please contact us. 

    Broseley Evolution 26 Boiler Stove features

    • Woodburning only
    • SCWS boiler technology enabling connection to sealed systems - must order Safety Cold Water Kit
    • Airwash 
    • Single air control 
    • Cast iron construction with steel burn box
    • Modern design 
    • top outlet only
    • Vermiculite Firebricks, grate and ashpan 
    • Defra Approved
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  • Charnwood Tor Stove

    The Charnwood Tor is the contemporary wood burning stove that offers a spectacular view of the fire. The Tors curved glass panels offer a spectacular view of the fire from the front and from the sides whilst a highly advanced combustion system ensures exceptional clean burning and outstanding efficiency. Available in 2 sizes: The Tor (3-10kW) and The Tor Pico (2-7kW). Both models employ the latest smoke reducing technology and are DEFRA exempted - allowing wood to be burnt in smoke control areas. With optional stone top feature. Learn More
  • Contura 26T High Stove Soapstone

    Contura 26T High Stove is highly practical and efficient. Its large curved glass viewing glass gives a large amount of light to your home allowing you to enjoy those warm flames from all angles. 

    High Flame Visibility & alot of Heat

    The Contura 26T high stove allows you to add a powerstone to the heat tank. Powerstone is a stone with excellent heat retention properties. It provides heat long after the fire has gone out. For example, the cooling period is up to 18 hours for Contura 26T with extra heat tank.  

    The Contura 26 has a Dual air system regulating heating and cooling. Equip the soapstone stove with a baking oven as an optional extra and spoil yourself with some freshly baked bread or a pizza! 

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  • Contura 470 Stove Wood burning Stove

    The Contura 470 Soapstone Stove is a classically styled series for those who want the real deal! A beautiful masonry stove feel in your living space will be the heart of any home. The wood stove can be seen as if the burner is an open fire but with the protection of glass. The firebox and heat retaining powerstone is under a traditional looking cover which oozes charisma.  The Contura 470 has a large ashpan concealed under the door for easy ash removal. 

    Light Environmentally Consiously!

    Contura stoves are all highly efficient wood burners but this Contura has the added benefit of soapstone cladding, a heat tank under the stove hood which radiates heat for many hours after the fire has gone. Ideal for those who are energy concious and moving towards a greener home. 

    Optional extras include a fresh air inlet, a fan and a floor plate. 

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  • Contura 480 Stove

    Contura 480 Stove is an outstanding wood burning stove in beauty and efficiency! Soapstone is a pure, natural material with individual veining and good heat retaining characteristics.

    Contemporary carved soapstone stove 

    Contura also has heat retaining powerstone hidden under its beautiful soapstone cover. The Contura 400 Series firebox gives a generous glass area that fills your home with light. 

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  • Contura 790T Stove Complete Soapstone

    Contura 790T soapstone stove from the Contura 700 series is available with different styling options. This model comes with a beautiful natural soapstone cladding sides, top and base & soft close door. The steel fire box insert is available in black or grey. The Contura 790T also come as standard with a rotary grate for easy ash clearance. The C790T has a large front viewing glass and warms the room with a 5kw heat output. The soapstone cladding not only looks stunning with its natural veining but also enhances the heating experience with its heat retaining properties. This stove will keep your room warm through the night long after the fire as died out.

    Contura 790T stove options

    • Outside air kit available
    • Heat storage brick/powerstone available
    • Grey or Black floor plate available
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  • Firebelly FB3 Double-sided Stove

    Firebelly FB3 Doublesided Stove offers double the viewing experience with a huge 18kw heatout put ideal for heating large open plan areas or modern spaces. 

    The FB3 double sided wood burning stove looks stunning freestanding in the centre of a room or in a fire opening betwen two rooms. You can buy an option extra door so you can load the wood burner on both sides. The FB3 double sided stove comes as a wood burner as standard but Firebelly allows for an optional multi-fuel kit for those who want to burn solid fuel as well. 

    To make a bolder statement the FB3 doublesided stove is available with brushed steel legs and/or on a log box for extra height and storage. The Firebelly Stoves also have a huge range of colours to choose from so you can find something that will suit most interior designs. 

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  • Riva Studio 3 Stove - Freestanding

    Stovax Riva Studio 3 stove has an outstanding view of the flames with 11kW heat output. The Studio 3 wood burner modern design is finished perfectly with some of the optional accessories: the decorative flue covers, black glass top and Riva Studio benches. When you fit the stove with a Riva Studio Bench it allows you to site this stove on a decorative 12mm thick hearth. You can fit a heat shield to a bench to reduce distances to combustible materials if required..

    Riva Studio 3 Stove features

    • Technical combustion lining - high density thermal liner system
    • Heated air jets from cleanburn ports burn hydrocarbons in smoke 
    • Airwash system for clean glass
    • Primary control 
    • Convected & Radiant heat
    • Removable baffles for easy cleaning
    • External air supply facility (no kit provided)
    • Designed to sit on Riva 180 Bench 
    • Optional Black Glass Top plate
    • Optional decorative flue ring cover
    • Optional decorative square section flue cover
    • Optional heat shield kit when bought with bench
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  • Spartherm A8 Ambiente Stove - Double-sided

    Spartherm A8 Double-sided wood-burning stove from Spartherm Ambient Stove range is an exquisite design for the modern home.  This contemporary double sided wood burner gives powerful radiant heat with a nominal output of 5.9kW. The Ambient A8 Stove has outstanding combustion efficiency of 80% and can be installed with a top outlet only.  You can site this modern double sided wood burner on a decorative 12mm thick hearth.  The Spartherm A8 Stove allows for a direct external air supply to be installed avoiding extra air vents in the room.

    Available in 6 steel finishes Nero, Graphite, Terra, Pearl, Amarone, White or Classic Sandstone or Soapstone cladding.  The door always comes in black.

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  • Stovax Riva Studio 2 Duplex Double sided Cassette Stove

    Riva Studio 2 Duplex  wood-burning stove is a double sided and Defra approved insert stove (when fitted with a smoke control kit). The Studio Duplex gives twice the views of a luxurious widescreen flame picture and has a wide range of frames for styling your home.

    The highly efficient double -sided Studio 2 Duplex fire offers a stylish solution for practical dual space heating with an inspiring focal point for your home.

    Studio 2 Duplex features

    • High density thermal liner
    • heated air jets for clean-burn
    • air wash air flow
    • primary control
    • removable handle
    • convection and radiant heat
    • easy fit flue connection
    • removable baffles
    • optional sealed external air kit
    • option smoke control kit (to make stove Defra approved)
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