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Contemporary Stoves

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  • Broseley Serrano 7 SE Stove

    Broseley Serrano 7 SE Stove boasts a wide firebox & panoramic views of the wood burning flames. The Broseley Serrano 7 SE Stove is ideal for fitting in a large traditional fireplace opening  or freestanding in a room. The Serrano 7 Multi-fuel stove gives 7kW to room which will comfortable heat large rooms or open plan areas. 

    Broseley Serrano 7 SE features

    • Cast iron construction 
    • High Efficiency 
    • Primary & Secondary air controls
    • Top or Rear flue outlet 5"
    • Airwash technology 
    • External air kit option 
    • Removable cast iron fire bricks & baffle
    • Defra Approved
    • Suitable for 12mm hearth 
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  • Charnwood C4 Stove (C Four)

    Charnwood C4 Stove is a top selling stove from Charnwood Stoves popular C Series range. The C4 has traditional stove features with a beautiful fresh modern look and stylish natural wooden handle. Choose the C4 wood burner or C4 multi-fuel stove which comes with a drop riddling grate and ash pan ideal both models are Defra approved for burning wood and smokeless fuel in smoke exempt areas. 

    The Charnwood C4 has a nominal heat out put of 4.9 kw there is not always a requirement to fit a vent into your room. However, if your home is a new build or air tight the Charnwood C-series comes with an integrated inlet for ducting external air. You can buy an external air kit as an optional extra if required. Should you need advice on this please call us or discuss this with your installer. 

    Charnwood C4 Stove on a Storestand

    You can also opt to have this stove with a store stand for log storage. You also have an amazing 8 colours to choose from also finished with a Matt effect. The Charnwood stoves are Matt Black as a standard colour.

    Charnwood C4 Stove features

    • One single air control 
    • Optional drop in riddling grate for multi-fuel use
    • Optional heat shield so the stove can be fitted closer to the wall.
    • Optional store stand, so you can store logs underneath
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  • Charnwood C5 Stove (C-Five)

    Charnwood C5 Stove is a highly popular wood burner from the Charnwood C Series. The Charnwood C5 model features a landscaped stove door and wide fire box allowing for a 12" log. The Charnwood C5 is a traditional shaped stove with a modern look with an option of a store stand. The C5 comes fitted with a stylish natural wooden handle or optional black handle and has a simple to use single air control slider. The C5 come in matt black as standard or is available in 7 stunning colour finishes. 

    Charnwood C5 Stove - Smoke Exempt 

    Charnwood C5 Stove is defra approved for burning wood and smokeless fuels in smoke exempt areas. The optional multi-fuel drop in riddling grate makes the C5 multi-fuel stove this can be bought as a multi-fuel or added on later if you buy the multi-fuel conversion grate. 

    The C5 can also be bought with a heat shield for reducing the distances to combustible materail at the rear of the stove down. The Charnwood vertical rear flue adaptor is ideal for installations where the flue is coming out of the back of the stove and then vertical into the chimney 

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  • CL3 Electric Stove

    Yeoman CL3 Electric stove with log effect VeriFlame technology.

    Jet black matt finish with subtle stainless steel detailing.

    This electric stove has three brightness levels and can be operated manually or with the remote control.

    Maximum Heat output of 2kW.

    No flue or chimney required only a 13amp socket is needed.


    Width    371mm

    Height   541mm

    Depth   313mm


    Weight Approx 40kg.

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  • CL5 Electric Stove

    Yeoman CL5 Electric Stove.  Log effect electric fire with a maximum 2kW heat output.

    Verifame technology - 3 brightness levels.

    This stove can be operated manually or with a remote control.

    Easy to install - you just nees a 13amp electric socket.  There is no need for a chimney, flue or external air kit. 


    Height   551mm

    Width    416mm

    Depth    333mm


    Approx. weight 47kg

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  • Danburn Fano Stove

    Danburn Fano Stove Contemporary woodburner from Danburn range. The Danburn Fano Stove gives a full convection heat system ideal for fitting into open plan areas or barn conversions. The Danburn Fano woodburner has a 5kw heat out put to room and is a dedicate woodburning only model. 

    The Fano woodburner has excellent efficiency ratings of 80% when burning wood making this stove highly economical. 

    Danburn Fano main features

    • 5kw nominal heat output
    • Airwash system
    • 3mm steel body
    • Cast iron grate
    • 250mm log length
    • Suitable for 12mm decorative hearth
    • Convector stove
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  • Danburn Laeso Stove

    Danburn Laeso Stove is a modern stove with a warming shelf and log storage perfect for the modern family home. The Danburn Laeso wood burner is stylish and unique with its retro 'Duke box' shaped stove body the Laeso brings the room alive with its wood burning flames. The log store on the Laeso is perfect for storing logs prior to lighting the stove and the warming shelf will warm a delicious pasty to enjoy on a winters evening. 

    The Danburn Stoves are highly efficient wood burners and the Danburn Laeso is 81.1% efficient. The Laeso also features airwash facility for a clear stove glass and a clean burn for a better environment 

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  • Danburn Mandø Wood burning Stove

    Danburn Mandø Stove from new Contemporary range Danburn. The Danburn Mando wood burning stove is made in Denmark with Danish Stove quality and has outstanding efficiency ratings of 80%. The Danburn Mando will make an excellent features in a modern new build with its contemporay stove shaped and raised plinth. 

    The Mando Stove from Danburn has a nominal heat output of 5kw which is an ideal size for heating most rooms. 

    Danburn Mandø Woodburner main features

    • Clean burn technology 
    • Airwash facility
    • Raised fire box
    • 80% efficient 
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  • Danburn Romø Wood burning Stove

    The Danburn Romo wood burning stove - The Romo stove also benefits from the latest combustion technologies including air wash facilities for a clear stove glass, a clean burn and high efficiency of 80%. 

    Danburn Romo Stove on a Tall Stand

    Danburn Romo Stove is a 5kW contemporary  wood burning stove from the new Beltane Stoves Danburn range. The Danburn Romo wood burner is a Danish stove named after a Danish island. The Romo will make a striking feature in a new build or in an existing fireplace with its tall stand and modern stove body. 

    Danburn Romo Stove main features

    • Clean burn
    • Airwash 
    • 80% efficient 
    • Black finish 
    • tall stand 
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  • Danburn Samsø Wood burning Stove

    Danburn Samso Stove - The Danburn stoves are high effiicient with clean burn and air wash facilities for a clear stove glass. 

    Danburn Samsø Stove Contemporary Woodburner

    The Danburn Samso wood burning stove is a quality Danish stove named after a Danish island. The Samso firebox is sat on a log store for extra height and storage making it an ideal contemporary freestanding stove in a new build. 

     Danburn Samso main features

    • Wood burning Stove
    • Contemporary design
    • Log storage
    • 5kw heat out put 
    • Clean burn 
    • Air wash 
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    Regular Price: £984.00

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