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Contemporary Stoves

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  • Esse 100 KC MF Stove

    Esse 100 KC MF Stove from ESSE Stoves. The Esse 100 KC Multi-fuel Stove is a stunning stove with a modern twist on a traditional design, its two tone Grey finish brings the stove alive. 

    The Esse 100 KC MF Stove has been built to exceptional ESSE standards with over 160 years of experience in the British stove building experience.

    Esse 100 KC MF features

    • Two Tone Grey finish 
    • Multi-fuel burning
    • Tapered legs
    • Clean burning
    • Primary & Secondary controls
    • Optional Electric ignition
    • Top or rear flue option (top as standard)
    • 82% efficient
    • Also available in Black, White, Grey, Ruby, Bronze, Gold at extra price - Call for price
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  • ESSE 125 Stove

    The Esse 125 stove is a contemporary stove with superb controllability. This Esse 125 stove is available with painted or stainless steel legs

    Precision engineered from high grade steel and featuring the Afterburn™ system, the 125 offers the presence and clear fire view of the 200 but with a lower output of 5kW thanks to its slim profile.

    This makes it the perfect choice where hearth depths are limited, or in rooms where there is hearth space for a large stove but where higher heat outputs would overwhelm the room. And like the 200 this multi-fuel stove loves to burn logs.

    Other features include;

    • Choice of stainless steel or painted legs
    • Landscape view with ESSE's trademark clear glass
    • 82% efficiency
    • Can burn wood as well as other solid fuels
    • Also available in White, Gold, Ruby, Bronze or Grey - Call for price & availability 
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  • Esse 225 MF Stove

    Esse 225 Stove is available with black pillars/ legs or stainless steel legs.  The Esse 225 Stove has a generous 8.5 kW heat out put which makes it ideal for medium to large room heaters or open plan areas.  The Esse 225 is a truly stunning burner with its extra wide viewing glass and modern pillar styled legs. The Esse 225 contemporary also features an Afterburn for ultimate cleaner combustion and efficiency.  

    Esse 225 Stove features

    This stove can be installed in such a way that all primary and combustion air can be supplied via a pipe fixed directly to an outside wall as an alternative to a room air vent.  You can also site this stove on a decorative hearth for an easy installation in an existing fireplace or freestanding in a room. The contemporary 200XK has a twin position grate from burning both wood and solid fuel. It also incorporates a secondary air wash system for clean glass and is suitable for overnight burning.

    Also available in White, Ruby, Iron Grey, Gold and Bronze - please call for price & availability

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  • Esse 525 MF Stove

    Esse 525 multi-fuel stove is a contemporary stove with a choice of steel or black legs.  The Esse 525 is great choice for the modern home and will heat up a small to medium sized room with a 5kW heat output. The 525 multifule stove comes with twin position grate for burning either wood or solid fuel and can be sited on a decorative hearth.

    Esse 525 stove –Above 80% efficient

    This stove is ideal for the energy conscious home with efficiency rating of 83.5%. This stove also features external riddling grate, overnight burning, preheated secondary air wash and top or rear flue outlet.

    Also available in White, Ruby, Iron Grey, Gold and Bronze - please call for price & availability

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