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Contemporary Stoves

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  • Spartherm Arte 3RL-80H 4S Fireplace Insert

    Spartherm Arte 3RL – 80H from Sparthem linear fireplace insert range is an outstanding wood burner for the modern home. Comes as a 4S model as standard: 4 sided ceramics/frame and a stainless steel handle. The Spartherm Arte 3RL insert is designed with a U shaped glass panels giving you one large main viewing glass and two side viewing glass.  This beautiful contemporary fire insert also features guillotine doors which makes loading wood easier. Cleaning is not a problem with a hinge at the bottom so the door can open elevating or hinged dropping downwards for cleaning.

    Available in two finishes Standard black or Polished Stainless steel trim

    The Flue outlet is 200mm as standard but you can request a 250mm outlet.

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  • Jydepejsen Troja 45 Stove

    Jydepejsen Troja 45 Stove from Jydepejsen Troja Soapstone range. This beautiful wood-burning stove is perfect for larger homes. The Troja's soapstone cladding enables extremely efficient heat dissipation, and the soapstone covering is carefully adjusted to the insert. Nature’s own design decorates every single stove, and not two surfaces are alike. Troja has a convection grill on top that enables adjustment of the heat dissipation through the convection tube. Troja has an elegant, child-proof locking system, which remains cold despite high temperatures.

    The Troja 45 wood burning stove is a taller version of the 44. It has the same solid soapstone features for a long lasting heating.

    Jydepejsen Troja 45 features

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  • Jydepejsen Troja 44

    Jydepejsen Troja 44 from Jydepejsen Troja soapstone stove range.The soapstone features means that each Troja 44 is unique. Designed with a spacious combustion chamber, a large curved glass window and the air system Duplicair. The solid finish soapstone provides a very efficient heat emission which is ideal for large homes. Comes with ashpan for easy cleaning maintenance.

    The Jydepejsen Troja 44 wood burning stove is an exceptional solid soapstone stove that brings an essence of natural art to your home.

    Jydepejsen Troja 44 features

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  • Harrie Leenders Stor Stove

    Harrie Leenders Stor Stove is a highly efficient large woodburner with a 4-12kW of heat output. Its strong reinforced steel construction combine contemporary design with latest combustion technology.

    The Stove handles are made with handcrafted olive wood for a perfect finish. 

    The Leenders Stor Woodburner features a rotating base for full 360° rotation - perfect for woodburners installed in open plan spaces

    The optional heat storage bricks allows for slow releasing heat up to 10 hours until 40°

    The Harrie Leenders Stor can also be fitted with an optional external air kit through the base of the stove. 

    Leenders Stor features

    • 180mm Top outlet
    • Optional Smoke control kit 
    • Optional Heat storage bricks for slow releasing heat
    • Optional external air kit 
    • Black finish 
    • Woodburning 
    • Olive Wood handles as standard 
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  • Harrie Leenders Pharos Open Fireplaces

    Harrie Leenders Pharos Open Fireplaces brings a 'Wow' factor to contemporary interiors. The Pharos is fixed to the ceiling with a special construction allowing for a floating fireplace. 

    Choose from three stunning finishes Black, Brown, Aluminium 

    The Leenders Pharos comes with a spark screen for safety.

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  • Harrie Leenders Oris Stove

    Harrie Leenders Oris Stove Contemporary Wall Mounted Woodburner with top flue outlet. The Leender Oris Woodburner features a large A Shaped Stove body constructed with high quality steel. 

    Available with a Right hand sideor a Left hand side (see image). 

    Choose from Black, Anthracite or Brown finishes 

    Optional external air kit (rear connection) available 

    Standard casing length is 1750mm, suitable for a ceiling height of 2750mm

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  • Harrie Leenders Fuga Stove

    Harrie Leenders Fuga Stove brings a magnificent focal point to any room. The Leender Fuga Woodburning stove can revolve with top or rear flue connection. The Fuga features optimum combustion technology for excellent efficiency ratings with an optional heat storage set. 

    The Harrie Leenders Fuga Stove is available in a range of finishes including White, Anthracite, Grey, Black, Nickel, Stainless Steel 

    Leenders Fuga features

    • Turnable fire place, top outlet 360 degrees
    • Closed fire, high efficiency
    • Free standing fire place, rear outlet and turnable 90 degree
    • Heat storage, 12 hours until 40°
    • Optional Fresh air from wall/floor
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