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  • Morso Kamino Outdoor Fireplace

    Morso Kamino Outdoor Stove from Morso Living range is a contemporary shaped cast iron outdoor fireplace. Not only does the Morso Kamino make an excellent Garden Decoration it will keep you warm in early spring months and chilly summer nights.

    The Morso Kamino also can be used for cooking with Morsos cooking accessories like the Morso Tuscan Grill 



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  • Morso Kamino without base

    Morso Kamino without base is an outdoor fireplace / fire pit for the garden from the very stylish Morso Living range. The Kamino Outdoor Fire makes an excellent addition to the Morso outdoor cooking range. 

    The Morso Kamino with out a base is safe to sit on non combustible surfaces such as a table or bench for extra height when using it as a barbecue. The Kamino can only be used as a grill when you buy the Morso Tuscan Grill. 

    The Tuscan Grill is an excellent addition to the Kamino acting as a trivet to make jacket potatoes in the winter months.

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  • Morso Leather Glove

    A thick leather glove by Morso to protect your hands from burns when operating your stove.

    This practical protective glove is made from thick leather and is available in black with the Morsø logo in white.

    Sold seperately, either left or right hand.

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  • Morso Living Forno Garden Package

    Morso Living Forno Garden Package gives you the ultimate Outdoor cooking experience with true luxury. The Morso Forno Garden Set includes the Morso Forno Outdoor Pizza Oven, the Morso Large Outdoor table , the Tuscan Grill , Ash Scraper and bag of fuel. 

    The Morso Living Outdoor range offer a huge range of additional cooking accesories for outdoor cooking including the Morso Smokeeper and Forno door for smoking foods. 

    As well as a range of plates including Pizza plates, Frying plate and Grill plate for serving perfecttly cooked foods hot. 

    Morso Forno Outdoor Oven cooks a perfectly crisp italian Pizza with its firestone bed when cooked around 250-300 °C. temperatures. The Morso Forno shape allows for a large surface area aswell as giving a beautiful modern look with its cast iron enamelled body. 

    The Morso Large table gives you plenty of room for cooking and storing cooking equipment. The Morso Large outdoor table can be manovred easily on wheels to any position in the garden. The large table measures 600mm x 1300mm x 770mm  and comes with handy hooks to hang optional extras such as a Morso living bamboo paddle and fire tongs. 

    The Tuscan Grill allow for you to grill foods on cast iron for truly tasty grilled meat, fish and vegetable. 

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  • Morso Living Forno Oven Door

    Morso Living Forno Oven Door to go with the Morso Forno Outdoor Oven makes its possible to get even more enjoyment out of your outdoor garden oven. 

    Using the Morso Living Door allows you to slow cook, bake and even smoke meats & fish. 

    The door is made from Stainless Steel and fit beautifully with the contemporary modern design of the beautiful Forno Oven. 

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  • Morso Living Grill Forno II Door

    Morso Grill Forno II Door designed for using with the Morso Grill Forno II transforming the luxury outdoor grill into an oven grill to make tasty meals on a hot summer day. 

    Made with Stainless Steel 

    Features handle and holes to hook onto the Morso Grill Forno Stainless Steel ring stand support. 

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  • Morso Living Large Outdoor Table

    Morso Living Large Outdoor Table perfect to go with the Morso Forno outdoor pizza oven and brings a bit of italy into the garden. The Morso Living table is perfect for a modern garden table as well as being the perfect height to cook and prepare foods comfortable for garden partys and barbecues.

    The Morso Living tables have been designed to sit the Forno outdoor oven and so they are made using quality powder coated steel. The large modern garden table comes with plenty of shelf space for keeping herbs, logs and ingredient when preparing your food. The table comes with a rail at one end with handy hooks for hanging the Morso cooking utensils such as the Ash scraper, Pizza Peel and Fire Tongs.

    The Morso Living Outdoor Table can easily be moved with the wheel and handles to maneovre the table into position.  

    Weight: 70.7kg

    Dimensions: 600mm x 1300mm x 770mm 

    (Table only - accessories and oven are also available)

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  • Morso Living Small Outdoor Table

    Morso Living Small Outdoor Table designed to go with Morso Forno Oven it's sleek and modern design will be a great addition when dining out on hot summer evenings. 

    The Morso Living Small Outdoor Table for garden or patio is fully mobile with its four complete wheels and stainless steel handles for easy maneuvering when setting up for garden partys or dining outside. 

    The Morso Living Table for the Forno Oven also has a handy shelf for storing logs or ingredients when cooking. The garden table unit also features stainless steel hooks to hang Morso cooking utensils when using the Forno oven such as Ash scraper, Pizza Peel and Fire Tongs. 

    The Morso Living Small Outdoor Table is compact in width so its is not taking up too much room on your patio but is tall enough to cook comfortably for long lengths of time. 

    Dimensions: 600 x 600 x 810mm 

    Material: Powder coated steel

    Table only

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  • Morso Living Terra Garden Package

    Morso Living Forno Terra Garden Package includes the Morso Forno Outdoor Pizza Oven, a Tuscan Grill which allows for grilling foods, an essential Ash Scraper which also doubles up as a blow pipe to get the fire started, a bag of fuel for your first light  and the small outdoor table on wheels. 

    The Morso Forno Outdoor Oven can be used as a Pizza Oven with its Firestone bed, a grill when using the Tuscan Grill or coal insert with cast iron grill insert or as a smoker when used the Morso Smokeeper. 

    The Morso Living range has a huge range of optional extras please call us today if you can not find what your looking for. 

    Dimensions of the Small Garden Outdoor table  - 60cm x 60cm 

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  • Morso Pizza & Herb Cutter

    Morsø Pizza & Herb Cutter is a functional kitchen utensil perfectly suited for cutting, slicing and chopping herbs, and for cutting pizzas. Press lightly on the rounded wooden grip and the sharp blade easily cuts through crispy pizza crusts, and quickly chops herbs and vegetables to the thickness that you desire. The Morsø Pizza & Herb Cutter has a simple and elegant design and function. The oiled oak wood grip naturally embraces the slightly rounded blade of brushed stainless steel. The design brings back memories of times past without clashing with the purposely simple Morsø design. Grip: Oiled oak wood Blade: Brushed stainless steel Length: 28cm – height: 9.5cm Learn More

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