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Aarrow Stoves


Stoves designed, engineered and built in Britain

Aarow stoves are part of the Arada group.  Arada Stoves  are a British stove manufacturing firm located in rural Devon with over 30 years of manufacturing expertese. Aarrow stoves are contemporary stoves with a selection of elegant freestanding stoves, inserts and sleek cassette options. Every stove has been designed and built with attention to detail, quality and performance.


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  • Aarrow Ecoburn 7 Plus Inset Stove

    Aarrow Ecoburn 7 plus inset wood burning and multi-fuel stove is perfectly formed to fit British standard fireplaces, stylish and modern this built in stove offers high efficiencies whilst creating heat and ambience in your home. With Aarrow stoves flexifuel grate there is no need to choose between burning wood or solid fuel? The flexifuel system is specially shaped to burn both leaving no waste!

    Inset stove with large viewing glass

    Aarrow Ecoburn plus range of stoves are visually sensational with even more extensive viewing glass than seen on the other Aarrow Ecoburn stoves.  

    Aarrow Ecoburn plus 7 inset stove features

    • Burns wood and solid fuel
    • Larger fire viewing glass
    • Airwash system for clean glass
    • Externally controlled riddling grate
    • Internal ash lip
    • Fits into a standard British fireplace
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    Regular Price: £999.00

    Our Price £899.10 Inc. VAT

  • Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 5 Inset Stove

    Aarrow Ecoburn plus 5 inset wood burning and multi-fuel stove is a visually astounding with its extensive viewing glass features. This stylish and modern built in wood burner will look good and create a warm ambience in any room. The innovative Flexifuel grate means you have the best of both worlds burning both wood and solid fuel with no waste! The airwash system for clean glass will make your stove gleam for longer meaning it is very low maintenance.

    Standard British fireplace

    The Ecoburn plus 5 inset stove fits into standard British fireplace for easy installation.  Not only is this stove perfectly formed for the British fireplace you don’t need to remove the chair brick when installing it either. 


    Ecoburn 5 plus inset features

    • Airwash system for clean glass
    • Stainless Steel ash pan and throat plate
    • Wood or solid fuel
    • Fits standard British fireplace
    • Large viewing window
    • Secondary burn to improve efficiency
    • Externally controlled riddling grate
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    Regular Price: £909.00

    Our Price £818.10 Inc. VAT

  • Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 7 DEFRA Stove

    Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 7 DEFRA Stove is a modern woodburning stove with a 7kw heat output from ARADA / Aarrow Stoves. The Aarrow Ecoburn + 7 Defra Stove is suitable for burning wood in smoke controlled areas. The Ecoburn + 7 Defra also has a 5" flue outlet which means you can fit onto 5" flue systems if required. 

    Aarrow Ecoburn Plus 7 DEFRA Stove features

    • Suitable for Smoke Controlled Areas
    • Wood burning only 
    • Stainless Steel Ashpan 
    • Pre-heated airwash system for clear window
    • Large viewing glass
    • External riddle grate for clearing ash
    • available with log store or stand
    • available with safety handle
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    Regular Price: £969.00

    Our Price £872.10 Inc. VAT

  • Aarrow I400F Low Stove

    Aarrow I400 Freestanding Low Stove available in Black or Grey from Aarrow I Series Contemporary Freestanding stove range. The I400F with low base / stand is an exceptional wood and multi-fuel stove with the Arada Flexifuel grate for optimum combustion when burning wood and multi-fuel. The Aarrow I400 F low stand is perfect for heating large rooms with its convection heat output the room will be warmed more evenly rather than just around the stove. 

    Aarrow i400F with low stand features

    • Pre-heated airwash system 
    • Stainless Steel ashpan
    • burns wood & solid fuel 
    • Optional door colours available
    • Convection heat output
    • Flexifuel grate 
    • Primary, Secondary, Tertiary burn 
    • Compatible for Direct air supply
    • Defra Approved
    • Heatshield reducing distances to combustibles at the rear of the stove
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    Regular Price: £1,079.00

    Our Price £971.10 Inc. VAT

  • Aarrow I400F Tall Stove

    Aarrow I400F Tall Stove is a contemporary 6kW freestanding stove with a log store. The Aarrow I400F is available in Black or Grey and with a choice of different colour doors. The latest design from Arada has everything you would desire from a modern wood burning stove. 

    Aarrow i400F features 

    Pre-heated airwash system for sparkling clean glass, Stainless steel ash pan, Burns wood or solid fuel, Available in Anthracite or Grey, Optional choice of door colours, Radiant and convected heat, Flexifuel System, Primary, secondary and tertiary burn to improve efficiency, Direct air supply compatible and is Approved for use in Smoke Control Areas
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    Regular Price: £1,239.00

    Our Price £1,115.10 Inc. VAT

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