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Kotlowspaw UKS-G 43kW Multi-fuel Boiler

Kotlowspaw UKS-G 43kW Multi-fuel Boiler is a practical and affordable multi-fuel boiler option for the modern home. Ideal for installing in flats, workshops and industrial buildings. The New Line UKS-G 43kw Boiler is durable and highly controllable, allowing you to burn turf, smokeless fuel, peat and wood. (Not suitable for RHI scheme)

Equipped to fan and microprocessor-based regulator that controls heating furnace performance. It has a huge influence on raising heating furnace efficiency, it makes handling easier, keeps temperature set point on appropriate level and controls operation of circulation pump, supposing the system was equipped to one.

UKS-G Multi-fuel Boiler features

  • Thermal insulation ensure reduced heat loss

  • Convection channels in the upper part of the boiler designed for longevity and great efficiency

  • Combustion chamber made of high grade steel 

  • Large combustion chamber for longer burn times

  • Combustion holes for improved combustion and lower emissions

  • Fixed water grate is made of approved heavy walled pipes ensuring the long vitality

  • Fan and easy to use control panel for optimum control 

  • Fitter thermometer

  • Top Cleaning access door

  • Wide Middle Firebox door

  • Bottom Firebox door and lower ash door

More technical information 

  • Max water temperature - 90°C

  • Combustion time - 8-24 hours

  • Max working pressure 1 bar

  • Test pressure 4 bar


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Technical Data

Technical Data

Kw Output 43
Minimal Output Kw 13
Flue Diameter 180mm
Dimensions 1508mm (h) x 697mm (w) x 984mm (d)
Efficiency (%) 80
Power Consumption (230V / 50Hz) W 85
Fuel Multi-Fuel