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I-Dea Water L Shaped 9kw Pellet Stove

I-Dea Idro Pellet Stoves L-Shaped 9kw model is a highly practical Eco heating sysem for the Eco conscious home. The I-Dea Square from Jolly Mec is an integrable system for the whole house with the ability to connect to radiators, underfloor heating, parallel boiler, Domestic hot water with water storage and intergrating solar panels.  

The I-Dea Square model also comes with a profile/frame that is available in black, dove or white. You can also choose from a number of modern front panel finishes in Ivory, Rust, Black Glass, Black Steel, Velvet Grey Steel, Dove Steel. 

The I-Dea is an air tight system which means 100% of combustion air from outside and not taken from the room which mean the home has a better quality of air. This pellet system also includes a hydraulic kit supplied with a closed vessel already assembled and tested for easy installation. The I-Dea innovative heating solution is not only a carbon neutral way of heating the home it does it all silently. 

The L Shaped Pellet Stove sit perfectly in a corner and can be control easily from the comfort of your sofa with remote control.

Renewable Heat Incentive 

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Technical Data

Technical Data

Pellet Stove Type Water
Burned Power Kw 9.09
Thermal Rated Output Kw 8.5
Minimal Output Kw 5
Kw to Water 7.5
Consumption Min/Max Kg/h 1/2
Dimensions 850mm (w) x 300mm (d) x 1140mm (h)
Flue Outlet Top or Rear
Flue Diameter 80mm
Tank Capacity Kg 30
Efficiency (%) 93.5
Average Heated Area M² 55-95