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Fire Pits, Barbecue Grills & Outdoor smokers

Barbecue Grills & Outdoor Smokers

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  • Morso Frying Dish

    Morso Frying Pan is an enameled cast iron frying pan and or serving dish perfect for using in the Morso Grill Forno. 

    The Morso Frying Pan also makes an excellent warm or cold serving dish or as a base to the grill grate.

    The detachable stainless steel handle fits both the frying pan and the grill grate that comes with the Morsø Grill Forno.


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  • Morso Grill '71

    Morso Grill '71 is a luxury outdoor grill for the garden from Morso Living Outdoor Grills range. The Morso Grill 71 has bee made used enamlled cast iron for excellent cooking results. Enjoy a sizzling steak made to perfection on the cast iron grate cooked on hot charcoal or even flavoured wood chips. 

    Cooking on the cast iron Morso Grill '71 means you retain all the natural cooking juices for truly flavoursome food. The enamelled finish on the cast iron means cleaning up doesn't have to be a chore. 

    The grate of the Morso Grill 71 grate swings out for lighting and adding fuel, the grate can also be adjusted at 4 height levels. The Grill 71 also comes with a handy wind shield to protect the flame and keep cooking temperatures high.

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  • Morso Grill 17 Table BBQ

    Morso Grill 17 Table BBQ from Morso Living range is great for the whole family to enjoy. The Morso Grill '17 is a 'bowl' shape consisting of a semi circle grilling grid and semi circle frying plate with an overall diameter of 60cm. Each Semi circles heights are adjustable and are on a swivel allowing for different cooking temperatures & versatile cooking.

    One of the many advantages of cast iron is the surface structure’s many small pores that will absorb the meat’s fat and flavours and thus guarantee the optimal taste experience. Morsø Grill ’17 performs equally well on charcoal, briquettes or ordinary wood.

    The Morso Grill '17 also converts in a fire pit simply swivel the cast iron grill plate & frying pan out and use the bowl as a fire pit.

    Material: Grill Grate: Enamelled cast iron 

    Table: Black painted stainless steel

    Dimensions cm: Ø60 x W:74 x H-table 81 x H-Grill 95 cm

    Weight: 76 kg

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  • Morso Grill 71 Table Top Grill

    Morso Grill 71 Table Top Grill from Morso Living range is based on the popular design of the Morso Grill 71 on a stand. The Table top Morso Grill 71 means the whole family can gather around a table enjoy a BBQ. 

    The Morso Grill 71 works well with charcoal, briquettes or wood. 

    The Morso Grill 71 must be placed on a non-flammable surface

    Material: Enamelled cast iron

    Dimensions cm: Ø33 x H31 cm

    Weight: 12,75 kg

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  • Morso Grill Forno Cover

    Morso Grill Forno Cover is a waterproof cover for the Morso Grill Forno protecting the outdoor grill from all weather conditions. 

    Protection against rain, dirt and uv protection ensuring the Morso Grill Forno lasts for years ahead.

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  • Morso Grill Forno II

    Morso Grill Forno II from Morso Living Outdoor range is a Cast Iron outdoor grill standing on three legs made from Teak supported by a stainless steel ring. 

    The Stainless Steel features three hangers for hanging Morso cooking utensil such as the Morso Fire Tongs and Grill Forno Door. 

    The Morso Grill Forno comes with a coal insert and a grill grate made from cast iron 

    Dimensions 550mm (d) x 1090mm (h)

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  • Morso Grill Grate for Ignis

    Morso Grill Grate for the Morso Ignis Firepit gives you even more enjoyment from the Morso Firepit. 

    The Grate for the Morso Ignis allows you to sit around a cost fire whilst enjoying some perfects grilled foods.

    Morso grill grate is made of polished stainless steel

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  • Morso Grill Plates 2 pcs

    Morsø's grill plate from Morso Grill Forno accessories range. The Morso Grill plate is made of enamelled cast iront and are perfect for keeping grilled food hot when using the Morso Grill. 

    Morso Grill Plates come in a pack of 2 and can be used both hot and cold. The plate oval shape and slope means that juices drain into one place keeping the grilled food crisp and more healthy.

    The Morso Grill Plate are great for serving cold or hot food at dinner / garden parties. 

    The Grill Plates are supplied in a pack of two. 

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  • Morso Grill Starter

    Morso Grill Starter makes lighting the Morso Grill Forno a breeze. 

    The Morso Grill Starter designed so that adding hot charcoal or briquettes to the grill can be done safely. 

    Made from black powder coated stainless steel the Grill Starter will look great next to all the Morso Grill Forno Cooking Accessories.

    Diameter - 125mm

    Height - 545mm 

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  • Morso Handle for Frying Dish, Grill Grate, Grill Plates

    Morso Stainless steel handle for Morso cast Iron plates including Morso Frying Dish, Morso Grill Plate and Morso Grill Grate

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