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Fire Pits, Barbecue Grills & Outdoor smokers

Barbecue Grills & Outdoor Smokers

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  • Morso Cast Iron Grill Grate

    Morso Cast Iron Grill Grate ideal for adding to the Morso Forno oven or the Morso Jiko BBQ / Fire pit. 

    The Cast Iron Grill Grate comes as standard with the Morso Grill Forno II and can be replaced when required. 

    Use Morso Stainless Steel handle to move grill 

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  • Morso Chimney Pipe for Morso Forno

    Morso Chimney Pipe for Morso Forno Oven for optimum combustion when using your Morso Forno Outdoor Pizza Oven.  

    Use the Morso Forno Flue pipe when weather is difficult windy condition for a good combustion. 

    Made of stainless steel painted black 

    Length - 750mm 

    Diameter - 124mm 

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  • Morso Cocotte with Lid 1.7 ltr

    Morso Cocotte with Lid 1.7 ltr Learn More
  • Morso Fire Pot

    Morso Fire Pot from Morso Outdoor Living range is a stunning fire pit for the Garden & Outdoors.

    The Morso Fire Pot comes with a handy windscreen and is made with high quality steel and Matt Black finish

    Weight 14kg

    Dimensions: H: 557 mm – Ø Top: 449 mm – Ø Base: 256 mm

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  • Morso Fire Tongs

    Morso Fire Tongs designed specifically for Morso Outdoor Oven is a handy and stylish Fire Tong for repositioning the hot embers and fire wood. 

    The Morso Fire Tongs are ideal for using with the Morso Forno Outdoor Oven, Morso Grill and Morso Fire Pit

    Material: Powder Coated Steel and Stainless Steel 

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  • Morso Forno Cover

    Morso Forno Cover for protecting the Morso Forno Outdoor Oven again dirt and rain when oven is not in use. Morso Forno Cover acts as a rain coat for the very stylish outdoor oven. 

    Made from waterproof polyester and a discrete draw string in the hem to ensure no rain gets in. 

    The Morso Forno Cover is a must for keeping your outdoor oven clean and keep a long lifespan. 

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  • Morso Forno Outdoor Pizza Oven

     Morso Forno Outdoor Oven offers more than just a typical barbecue this luxury outdoor pizza oven is stylish and practical. The Morso Forno from the Morso Living cooking range will bring warmth to the patio on those summer evenings as well as create a sumptuous meal when dining outside or having a garden party. 

    The Morso Forno is made to last with beautiful enameled cast iron body and authentic oven shape of an italaian stone oven to make the best crisp pizzas. The wide & low ceiling to the oven creates an optimum radiant heat for warming and cooking. You can also opt to add Morso Tuscan grill to make a mouth watering steak or grilled vegetables

    You can even slow cook in this oven when you use the Morso Forno door as an additional item. If you enjoy spending time in the Garden and love good food the Morso Forno is a great investment which will bring enjoyment for years ahead. 

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  • Morso Forno Stone Set

    Morso firestone set for Morso Forno Outdoor Oven. The Morso Firestone set ensures perfect cooking of Pizzas whilst using the Morso Forno Pizza oven.

    The firestone set must be brought up to temperature of around 250-300 °C. before cooking your pizza. Simply place the Pizza on the Morso Firestone set and turn in short intervals for even cooking. The Morso Firestone set when used in this way will give you quick cooking with a delcious results.

    The Morsø Forno stone set  is made of ceramic tile, and the set consists of 1 central stone, 1 rear stone and 3 stone side panels. The stones withstand particularly high temperatures up to 1250 °C and have similarly been tested down to -20°C.

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  • Morso Frying Pan

    Morso Frying Pan is an enameled cast iron frying pan and or serving dish perfect for using in the Morso Grill Forno. 

    The Morso Frying Pan also makes an excellent warm or cold serving dish or as a base to the grill grate.

    The detachable stainless steel handle fits both the frying pan and the grill grate that comes with the Morsø Grill Forno.


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  • Morso Grill '71

    Morso Grill '71 is a luxury outdoor grill for the garden from Morso Living Outdoor Grills range. The Morso Grill 71 has bee made used enamlled cast iron for excellent cooking results. Enjoy a sizzling steak made to perfection on the cast iron grate cooked on hot charcoal or even flavoured wood chips. 

    Cooking on the cast iron Morso Grill '71 means you retain all the natural cooking juices for truly flavoursome food. The enamelled finish on the cast iron means cleaning up doesn't have to be a chore. 

    The grate of the Morso Grill 71 grate swings out for lighting and adding fuel, the grate can also be adjusted at 4 height levels. The Grill 71 also comes with a handy wind shield to protect the flame and keep cooking temperatures high.

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Items 21 to 30 of 56 total

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