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Fire Pits, Barbecue Grills & Outdoor smokers

Barbecue Grills & Outdoor Smokers

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  • Morso Ash scraper with blow pipe

    Morso Ash scraper with blow pipe from Morso Forno Accessorie range for the Morso Living Outdoor Forno Oven. The Ash scrapers is ideal for cleaning the oven and moving the embers to control the flames. The Ash scraper has been designed as a blow pipe also to stoke up the fire when you need high cooking temperatures perfect when grilling steaks.

    Made from powder coated steel and stainless steel.

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  • Morso Axe with Wooden handle

    Morso Axe with Wooden handle from Morso Outdoor Living range. The Morso Axe wooden handle is oiled with linseed and made with USA Hickory Wood renowned for its strength and flexibility. 

    Morso Axe head is forged traditionally with C45 high grade carbon steel. 

    Morso Axe with wooden handle is made with superior materials and built to last a life time with the right care and maintenance. 

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  • Morso Bamboo Pizza Peel

    Morso Bamboo Pizza Peel is perfect accessorie for the Morso Forno Outdoor Pizza Oven. The Morso Pizza Peel is made from oiled bamboo from certified plantations for the environmentally concious buyer. 

    The Morsø Bamboo Pizza Peel doubles up as a Pizza Peel and as a serving board on the dining table. The natural wooden bamboo Morso paddle is ideal for serving, meat platters, cheese with a bottle of red as well a pizzas. 

    Clean with mild soapy water. Applying oil suitable for contact with food to the surface regularly will help prevent it from staining

    Length 530 mm - Width 275 mm.

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  • Morso Bel Lamp

    Morso Bel Lamp from Morso Outdoor Living range is a stunning Bio-ethanol Lamp ideal for garden patios. 

    Enjoy hot summer evening lit up with the Morso Bel Lamp, ideal when entertaining. 

    Made with enamelled cast iron base, stainless steel lid & ceramic glass

    Dimensions in cm (Dm x H): Ø15 cm×22 cm

    Weight: 2,2 kg

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  • Morso Cast Iron Grill Grate

    Morso Cast Iron Grill Grate ideal for adding to the Morso Forno oven or the Morso Jiko BBQ / Fire pit. 

    The Cast Iron Grill Grate comes as standard with the Morso Grill Forno II and can be replaced when required. 

    Use Morso Stainless Steel handle to move grill 

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  • Morso Cocotte with Lid 1.7 ltr

    Morso Cocotte with Lid 1.7 ltr Learn More
  • Morso Fire Pot

    Morso Fire Pot from Morso Outdoor Living range is a stunning fire pit for the Garden & Outdoors.

    The Morso Fire Pot comes with a handy windscreen and is made with high quality steel and Matt Black finish

    Weight 14kg

    Dimensions: H: 557 mm – Ø Top: 449 mm – Ø Base: 256 mm

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  • Morso Fire Tongs

    Morso Fire Tongs designed specifically for Morso Outdoor Oven is a handy and stylish Fire Tong for repositioning the hot embers and fire wood. 

    The Morso Fire Tongs are ideal for using with the Morso Forno Outdoor Oven, Morso Grill and Morso Fire Pit

    Material: Powder Coated Steel and Stainless Steel 

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  • Morso Forno Cover

    Morso Forno Cover for protecting the Morso Forno Outdoor Oven again dirt and rain when oven is not in use. Morso Forno Cover acts as a rain coat for the very stylish outdoor oven. 

    Made from waterproof polyester and a discrete draw string in the hem to ensure no rain gets in. 

    The Morso Forno Cover is a must for keeping your outdoor oven clean and keep a long lifespan. 

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  • Morso Forno Outdoor Pizza Oven

     Morso Forno Outdoor Oven offers more than just a typical barbecue this luxury outdoor pizza oven is stylish and practical. The Morso Forno from the Morso Living cooking range will bring warmth to the patio on those summer evenings as well as create a sumptuous meal when dining outside or having a garden party. 

    The Morso Forno is made to last with beautiful enameled cast iron body and authentic oven shape of an italaian stone oven to make the best crisp pizzas. The wide & low ceiling to the oven creates an optimum radiant heat for warming and cooking. You can also opt to add Morso Tuscan grill to make a mouth watering steak or grilled vegetables

    You can even slow cook in this oven when you use the Morso Forno door as an additional item. If you enjoy spending time in the Garden and love good food the Morso Forno is a great investment which will bring enjoyment for years ahead. 

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Items 21 to 30 of 59 total

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