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Gifts For New & Existing Stove Owners

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  • Crocodile Log Tongs

    The TermaTech’s crocodile tongs are firewood tongs that can be used with one hand.

    Using just one hand, you can easily and safely place firewood in your stove or fireplace. This is ideal for loading a modern woodburning stove, which has a automatically self closing door, which requires the door to be kept open with one hand whilst using the other hand to re-fuel the stove.

    The simple, yet innovative design and sharp grip teeth can be used on all shapes of wood, including bulky ones.

    The tongs are shaped like crocodile jaws, which ensures that you get a firm grip of the fuel and, at the same time, avoid having to get your fingers too close to the fire.

    These are definately one of the best log tongs that we have come across.

    Made from a special high grade coating this provides a solid skid-resistant surface. Lightweight with a high load capacity and ergonomic force distribution.


    Dimensions: 47cm long

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  • Crook Top Hearth Tidy

    Crook top hearth tidy set in black brushed steel.

    Traditional iron hearth tidy set with crook handle has a brushed finish that gives a the item a silver, black and grey colour.

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  • Curved Fireside Companion Set in Antique Pewter

    Curved fireside companion set in antique pewter with ring detail.

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  • Curved Log Basket

    Contemporary curved log holder.

    made form 3mm mild steel.

    Matt black finish.

    Made in Britain.

    450mm wide x 358mm high x 356mm deep.

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  • Curved Skeleton Log Holder in Antique Pewter

    Curved Skeleton log holder in antique pewter with ring detailing.

    This is the Curved Skeleton Log Holder In Antique Pewter With Ring Detailing, at 40cm in height, this is a practical log holder shape and size.

    Finished in antique pewter and with ring detailing, an element of class is added to this product and ensures it will make a welcome addition to any interior.


    Height: 40 cm

    Width: 33 cm


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  • CW Kindling Holder

    Calfire CW Kindling Holder in Black

    Width 220mm

    Height 180mm

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  • Diablo toaster

    Diablo toastie maker, makes a devilishly good toasted snack.

    Diablo Toasted Snack Maker. Titanium coated for scratch resistant, non-stick cooking, the Diablo is light, compact and dishwasher safe.

    No need to plug it in, just place it over any direct heat source, such as electric, ceramic, gas, even the barbeque!

    From simple cheese sandwiches to Pizza Calzone and cherry turnovers, the Diablo makes a devilishly good toasted snack.

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  • Dixneuf Ange Firetool Set

    Dixneuf Ange Firetool set.

    A steel structure and beech base with four fire accessories each measuring 50 cm in length.

    Frosted black finish.


    Height: 60 cm

    Length: 17 cm

    Depth: 17 cm


    Made in France.

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  • Dixneuf Belle-Ile Firewood Basket

    Natural and blue coloured seagrass round firewood basket in a trio of colours. Natural and blue tones



    400mm high

    400mm deep

    400mm wide


    Made in France.

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  • Dixneuf Black Ring Log Holder

    Dixneuf Black Ring log store.

    Circular log holder made from steel.

    Dimenions: 48cm high x 48cm wide x 30cm deep.

    Made in France.

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Items 41 to 50 of 156 total

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