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Welsh Love Spoons

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Welsh Love Spoons - Traditional Token of Love - Handmade in Wales

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  • Celtic Love Knot Welsh Lovespoon

    The Celtic knot lovespoon, symbolises two lives uniting together with love.

    This complex love knot, shows the ribbon passes twice around the diamond on each of it's journey to the top of the spoon and back.This expresses love enriched wealth.


    The symbols & their meanings seen on this love spoon are:

    Ribbon - Everlasting love, everlasting life (Celtic)

    Large Heart - I love you a lot, Very loving

    Knot - Securely joined, joined forever

    Diamond - Wealth, Love enriches us


    Approx. measurements of lovespoon: 8.5" (215mm) 

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  • Everlasting Love Welsh Lovespoon

    Everlasting love Welsh Lovespoon.

    The 'loop' based design of the ribbon passes through the two hearts.

    Made from raw, untreated oak.


    Symbols on this Love Spoon:

    Two hearts - Represent the couple

    Knot - Securely united, joined forever

    Ribbon - Everlasting Love, Everlasting Life (Celtic)


    Approx. dimesnions: 12" long (300mm).

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  • Padlock Welsh Lovespoon

    The Padlock Welsh Lovespoon. Symbolises two loves secured.


    Symbols shown on the Lovespoon represent:

    Padlock - Security of true love, availability of the heart's affections to the holder of the key

    Keyhole - You have the key to my heary, only you can unlock my love. 

    Two Hearts - The couple, love is returned, we belong together.


    Approx. measurements: 12" (300mm)


    Made from raw natural timber.

    Hand made in Wales.

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  • Side by Side Welsh Lovespoon

    Side by Side Lovespoon, features two interlocking hearts, side by side. 

    This lovespoon represents a couple being 'Side by side in life's journey'.


    The symbols on this lovespoon represent the following:

    Hearts entwined - Together forever, the hope of love to be returned.

    2 Hearts - The couple, love is returned, we belong together.

    Diamond - Wealth, love enriches us.


    Approx. measurements of the lovespoon: 8.5" (215mm).

    Made from Natural bare wood. 

    Made in Wales.



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  • Single Heart Welsh Lovespoon

    Although this is one of the simplest lovespoons in our range, it still manages to say a lot.

    With it's large singular heart - it simply says 'I love you a lot'. What more could anyone ask for?

    Raw, wooden untreated lovespoon.

    Lovespoon measurement: 5.5" (140mm).

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  • Two Hearts Become One Welsh Lovespoon

    Two hearts become one Lovespoon.The perfect gift for a couple uniting in marriage. 


    Symbols on the Lovespoon & their meanings:

    Ribbon - Everlasting love, everlasting life (Celtic)

    2 Hearts - The couple, we belong together, love is returned

    Hearts Entwined - Together forever


    Approx. measurements: 7" (175mm).

    Made from raw natural wood.

    Made in Wales.

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  • Two Hearts Entwined Welsh Lovespoon

    Two hearts become one lovespoon.

    Traditional Welsh love spoon in Natural raw wood finish.


    Symbols on spoon represent:

    Two Hearts - The Couple, Love is returned, we belong together

    Two Hearts Entwined - Together forever, hope of love to be returned

    Diamond - Wealth, Love entriches us


    Approx. measurements: 8" (200mm)

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  • Wedding Bells Welsh Lovespoon

    Wedding bell Lovespoon. The simple love knot seen on this lovespoon symbolises two lives joined together through a ring with love.

    This makes this lovespoon perfect as a wedding gift.


    Symbols and meanings on the lovespoon represents:

    Bell - Marriage, rejoicing, both in harmony.

    Single Heart - For love, my heart's desire - you, my heart belongs to you.

    Ring - Sanctity of: engagement, marriage, anniversary, eternal devotion.

    Love Knot - Ties two lives together in love.


    Approx. measurements: 7.5" (190mm).


    Handmade using raw natural timber.

    Made in Wales.

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  • Welsh Lovespoon Keyring

    Welsh Lovespoon Keyring.

    Made from raw wood.

    Great Welsh gift of Love.


    Symbols featured on the keyring & their meanings:

    Single heart - For love, my heart's desire, my heart belongs to you

    Ring - Eternal devotion


    Approx. size of lovespoon on keyring : 3" (75mm)

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