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Everhot 120i Electric Range Cooker – induction hob

Everhot 120i Range Cooker from the Everhot 120 series comes complete with induction hob for ultimate modern cooking with classic looks. The Everhot 120i is a large professional cooker for people who have the space to really enjoy their cooking at the highest level.  This vast electric range cooker is even easy to install with an option to buy in two pieces that will join together to look like a one piece range cooker. The Everhot 120i provides versatility in the kitchen with three ovens for roasting, warming and baking and a hotplate for boiling and simmering. The 120i comes with a three zone induction hob which is convenient and ideal when you don’t want too much heat in the kitchen during the summer months.  The final cast iron door conceals the control panel to keep an elegant and traditional look.

Everhot 120i main features

  • Three ovens Top oven/grill max 250°C w395 x h290 x d440

  • bottom left oven max 200°C w395 x h290 x d470

  • bottom right oven max 120°C w395 x h290 x d470

  • Control panel accessible behind a cast iron door

  • Controllable hotplate w235 x d355

  • Non controllable simmer plate w165 x d355

  • Induction hob – 3 zone 

  • Power consumption using ECO overnight 100kwh per week

  • Heat output 700W

  • available in 1 piece or 2 piece

  • 1198mm w x 600mm d x 900mm h 

  • 2 x 13A power supply

Available in 7 colour options – Black, Graphite, Cream, White, Blue. Green, Sage and Burgundy

Everhot 120i installation guide

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Technical Data

Technical Data

Oven Type Electric
Boiler Option None
Efficiency (%) No
Fuel Electric
Style Traditional
Flue Diameter not required
Kw Output 0.7
Flue Outlet N/A
Water Output - kW No
Central Heating Hot Water System N/A

Everhot 120i installation guide