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Esse 990 EL Ranger Cooker

Esse 990 EL Ranger Cooker designed for the larger kitchen and ideal for a passionate cook with its considerable cooking capacity including; two independetnly controlled ovens, a full width integrated grill and an induction hob & cast iron hotplate. The 990EL has a patented heat surround technology that wraps around each oven for even cooking temperatures. 

The ESSE 990EL control panel is neatly tucked behind the upper left door and with two 13amp socket connections this modern rangecooker can be installed almost anywhere. 

The ESSE 990 EL Slumber mode allows for quicker heat up times whilsts remaining economical. 

Esse 990 el range cooker features an adjustable oven vent which is useful for bread baking and dry roasting. 

ESSE 990 EL features

  • 2 x 13AMP 220-240V (power surge protected)

  • Top oven 42 ltr

  • Lower right oven 30 ltr

  • Lower left oven 30 ltr

  • Optional extraction hood

  • Capacity 1000 cubic metres per hour 

  • 4 speed extraction fan 

  • Removable washable filters

  • Available in a wide variety of colours

  • Available with a companion for extra cooking capacity & hot cupboard space

Heat up times from slumber settings

Top oven from 155°C to 240°C -16 mins

Lower right oven 70°C to 175°C - 14 mins

Cast iron plate from 150°C to 400°C - 31 mins

Induction hob - instant 

Heat up times(from off)

Top oven to 240°C - 41 minutes

Bottom oven to 175°C - 40 mintues

Induction hob - instant 


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Technical Data

Technical Data

Oven Type Electric
Boiler Option None
Efficiency (%) No
Fuel Electric
Style Traditional
Flue Diameter not required
Kw Output No
Flue Outlet N/A
Water Output - kW No
Central Heating Hot Water System N/A
Manual No

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