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Charnwood Ash Carrier

The Charnwood Ash Carrier is a simple and clean way of removing ash from your stove.  Although these ash pans are designed specifically for Charnwood Models, they may be suitable for other appliances - subject to the size of the ash pan.

The Charnwood ash-carrier offers a clean, safe and effective means of ash disposal. This eliminates the risk of dropping hot ash onto the carpet and saves you countless trips to the cold outdoors every time you need to empty the ash from your stove. It enables hot ashes to be emptied straight from the stove into the carrier where they can be stored and left to cool safely.

Available in 3 sizes, depending on which Charnwood you have.

Ash Carrier Size 1 is suitable for the Charnwood Cove1, Charnwood C4, Charnwood C5, Charnwood C6, Charnwood C8 and Charnwood Island 1.

Ash Carrier Size 2 is suitable for the Charnwood SLX45, Charnwood LA45ib, Charnwood 50ib, Charnwoood DX45iB, Charnwood 50lb.

Ash Carrier Size 3 is suitable for the Charnwood Cove 2, Charnwood Cove 2B, Charnwood Cove 3, Charnwood Island 2, Charnwood Island 3, Charnwood Island 3B, Charnwood C7, Charnwood Country 14B, Charnwood Country 15B.

  • Size 1 (Part no. 010/EW51) is 100 (w) x 395 (d) x 400 (h)

  • Size 2 (Part no. 010/FW51) is 100 (w) x 390 (d) x 525 (h)

  • Size 3 (Part no. 010/BW51) is 100 (w) x 485 (d) x 400 (h)


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