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Burly Burn Eco-Friendly Fuel Logs - 15kg Bag

Burly Burn Eco-Friendly Fuel Logs.

Packed in individual bags.

15kg bags.


Burly Burn is an Eco-Friendly alternative fuel top Logs.

As these logs are made from 100% Biomass Miscanthus (Elephant Grass) these logs are naturally sustainable.

It’s woody nature means that it has low dust content. Miscanthus is a Carbon Neutral fuel as the Carbon Monoxide emitted when the fuel is burnt is balanced out by the amount of Carbon Dioxide absorbed from the atmosphere while the crop is growing.

Burly Burn burns hotter & longer than wood logs and does not produce sparks or spitting.

Because Burly Burn is a dense, highly compacted log, you burn less logs, but still achieve high heat output.

These logs are suitable for use in open fires, in wood-burning appliances and combustion stoves.


Burly Burn must be stored in a dry place.

Miscanthus is grown and Burly Burn is manufactured in Cornwall, UK.


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