Coming Soon Charnwood Skye Stove

Charnwood Skye Stove

Building upon the successful release of Charnwood Arc Stove we are looking forward to introducing the Charnwood Skye to the range available to buy in our showrooms & online. The Charnwood Skye is a 5kw stove with an option of low stand or store stand and available in all the well known Charnwood colours.

The New Charnwood Skye Multi-fuel stove is also SIA Label ECO Design Ready meeting the new EU 2022 regulations to reduce CO emissions and producing a highly efficient clean burn.

Charnwood Arc 7 Stove

We are also very pleased to see a new addition to the Charnwood Arc Stove family with the Charnwood Arc 7 Stove coming soon. Ideal for those who need a greater heating capacity.

Charnwood Blu Stoves

The Charnwood Blu versions are SIA Eco design ready stoves from the popular Cseries, Islands & Coves means you can rest assured that you will be ready for the new regulations in 2022. The Charnwood Blu Stoves are dedicated Woodburners and ideal for the Eco Concious buyer.