Everything You need to Make Jam


Traditional Preserving Pan

The keen Jam Maker will have a good quality Preserving Pan that sturdy and easy to handle. Ideally a large capacity pan with a handle for transfer large quantities of fruit & pickles is a must! Stainless Steel or Enamel Pans are great as they will last long and are easy to clean afterwards

Judge Stainless Steel Maslin Pan

 Kilner Enamel Maslin Pan


Stellar 8000 Stainless Steel Maslin Pan



Jam Jars and Preserve Jars

Essentially part of Jam making is somewhere to store your Jam! This doesn’t have to be expensive and you can recycle your old jar. But if this is a homemade gift splashing out on some new jars are definitely worth it.  We Recommend - Made with love Jar -homemade and Kilners Set of 3 Jars giving you plenty

Made with Love Jam Jar

 Kilner Jam Jar Set of 3 Clip Top


Kilner Jar Set of Three Clipped Tops




Cooking Thermometer

When working with sugar a good thermometer is essential and will save you hours of time if you get it wrong! Save yourself from re-boiling and testing your Jam with a sugar thermometer.  We recommend the Kilners thermometer and lid lifter or for the traditional cook a Glass Thermometer

Kilner Jam Thermometer

 Traditional Glass Thermometer



For the Professional Jam Maker

A quality strainer and Jam Funnel is a must for the keen Jam maker. Cotton strainers are a traditional method and great for a wide range of Jam recipes including Clear Jams.

Jam Funnels will make your life easier when dispensing a big batch of Jam in a quantity of jars.

Large Cotton Strainer Bag

 Jam Funnel



Homemade Jams for Gifts

Homemade Jam is a great idea for Wedding Favours, Christmas Hampers and for the Cooking Enthusiast. This Humble gift can look great spruced up with some Vintage looking Jam Jar Covers


Proof is in the Jam Jar Pot!

If you don’t want to sterilize all those Jars why not invest in a Jam Jar Pot!



Finally, some Jam Recipes

We love Kilner products and they have great recipes on their website

But you can’t go wrong with a traditional Strawberry Jam Recipe