Ecodesign EU 2022 Legislation 

Ecodesign is a European programe with its primary goal to lower emissions and improve air quality. The new legislation will be mandatory for all stoves by 2022. Charnwood and other leading British manufacturers within the Stove Industry Alliance are now releasing a number of stoves that meet the Ecodesign criteria. 

Stoves which carry the label SIA EcoDesign Ready are independently verified by HETAS

Ecodesign Ready stoves give the best Clean burn on the stove mark and most environmentally friendly with a low particle emissions which 90% better than open fires and 84% better than older stoves. 

By choosing an SIA Ecodesign ready stove you are helping to cut harmful emissions and improve air quality.

Charnwood Stove - Eco Design 2022 ready

Majority of the Charnwood Eco Design Stoves are woodburning only. The Charnwood Arc & Skye are Multi-fuel burning stoves and Eco Design 2022.

  • Charnwood Arc 
  • Charnwood Skye
  • Bay 5
  • Bay VL 
  • Bay BX
  • The Bembridge
  • C-Series BLU Version
  • Cove 2 BLU Version
  • Cove 3 BLU Version
  • Island II BLU Version
  • Island III BLU Version