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AGA Dual Control 3 Oven Electric

AGA Traditional Cooker with 3 Ovens and Dual Control gives you the traditional look of an AGA Cooker with advanced technology to have full flexibility when cooking.  AGA Dual Control cookers give you the ability to run at a low setting or switch off completely so you no longer have to have your AGA cooker running at all times. The AGA Dual Control cooker allows for this control with both ovens and hotplate so you get all the benefits of cooking with a complete cast iron AGA Heat storage cooker but with greater control.  Switching from the low heat setting to full cooking temperatures can take just 2 – 4 hours.

Available in a wide range of colour to match all types of kitchens

AGA Dual Control 3 Oven features

Roasting oven – For roasting and grilling and can fit a large turkey (28lbs). The radiant heat in the roasting oven allows for beautiful cooking of all your favourite roast dinners.

Baking oven – gives a moderate baking temperature excellent for cakes, biscuit & bread baking will be a dream.

Simmering oven – gives a fairly gentle heat ideal for making some delicious slow cooked meals.

AGA Dual Control Top plate features

The AGA Dual control hotplate allows for the boiling and simmering plate to be independently controlled

Boiling plate – for boiling temperatures comes with chrome dome lid

Simmering plate – for low heat comes with chrome dome lid

More features include

Enamelled hotplate lid domes

Choice of badge

Classic Special Edition look

New look design style

Integrated module


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Technical Data

Technical Data

Cooker depth excluding handles 698mm
Width 987mm
Height 913mm
Numbers of Ovens 3
Fuel Type Electric
Flue Type No
Roasting Oven Yes
Simmering Oven Yes
Baking Oven Yes

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